NoSpin's more Morii Collection

Hey everyone! First time posting part of my sub collection. I find with the absolutely MASSIVE size of English sets it is incredibly hard and tedious to complete masters, so I tend to focus mainly on artists I like, creating doable little sub sets. So of course my favorite artist is Yuka Morii, somebody with a massive history in the TCG!

Asobikata Volume 2, just absolutely LOVE this art.

Pokémon Tales Volume 36; “Let’s make pizza Machop!”
She also illustrated “Horsea Likes The Sea”, but I haven’t been able to locate a nice copy. Sadly, like much of the series, these two were not translated into English. If you love the illustration in the TCG this series is a must.

Her only Jumbo Card, “Pokémon Plaza”, and interestingly her only Trainer card.

10th Anniversary Pokémon Center Promos. The Pikachus were released at specific Centers across Japan. As you can see, I’m missing the “Fukuoka” print,which is by far the priciest. Waiting on Squirtle in the mail.

VS series exclusives, Yuka illustrated Bruno’s pokemon. Missing the Hitmontop/lee/Chan. Just waiting on a good buy to scoop those,happy to have the Holo Steelix out of the way.

Part of the set cards in no particular order. I ADORE the ex series reverses, which basically turn every common card into a Holo. For whatever reason, Yuka never gets to make any legendaries or “big” cards, so these reverses give her work the Holo flair they deserve.

And of course I got lucky with my favorite artist in the TCG also being the world’s nicest. Previously posted in the Autograph thread, the cards she very graciously signed for me.

I hope you guys enjoy! And I hope to see some work from all your favorite artists!


It’s a shame she isn’t doing signings anymore for the time being… However, what isn’t a shame is your collection!!!

Wow simply stunning! Great work!


I’ve been working on my own Yuka Morii collection for some time now - it’s what got me back into collecting Pokémon cards! I should get around to making my own collection thread to share my approach. It’s going to take me a while before I can afford the Pokémon Center 10th Anniversary Pikachu cards…

Oh no, I was just getting ready to send a card for signing…

:slightly_frowning_face: :sob:


Nice collection! I especially like those first two books, since I’ve never seen them before. Rofl at using the Poliwhirl as a pan to make a pizza. haha. :laughing:

And you’re indeed correct, she’s a great and very kind person. I’ve got a German and Italian Skyridge Pikachu recently signed by her, and she also included a Pachirisu freeby. (I figured she usually signs English or Japanese cards, so I figured these foreign languages would be very unique.) :blush:

Oh, and good luck with the 102/DP-P Pikachu. I was collecting Pikachu for over two years before I finally was able to buy it from someone through reddit. Of course a second one popped up on eBay a week after I had bought it for 1/4th what I paid… :sweat: (Then again, I bought that cheap copy as well, and sold it for a profit a year later to the girlfriend of a fellow Pikachu collector, who gave it to him for his birthday. :blush: )



Yay! I love collections like these! Can always appreciate someone who appreciates a specific artist’s work to the point it inspires an entire collection. Love your additions and the book especially! The blank signature is particularly nice. :blush:


Ugh. Tell me about it, I saw one listed a few weeks ago for $1200 and was like, “No, that can’t be right…”

But it is right lol. I guess the Fukuoka Pokémon Center had a much lower distribution compared to the rest.

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Great collection, @nospin! I had a lot of fun going through your pictures. The books and signatures are really nice touches.

Hmm. And I now have the urge to watch Gumby.


Yeah Quuador and I had this discussion a few months ago about this card. The 102 Fukuoka is so much higher than the rest and we were unsure why. While that Pokemon Center is apparently in a less populous location than the rest, that still seems quite high. This card is very hard to get and was actually the last one I needed on my Pikachu list (I dont collect every language like the legend @quuador ). I was able to find one through one of my contacts at a Japanese card store back in October and it actually arrive Xmas Eve. We were both very surprised when he picked it up and it was still sealed. If the going rate is 1200 then it has risen quite a bit from even October. This market is crazy.

Overall, Morii’s art is absolutely amazing with the 5 Pikachu cards and others. Maybe one day she will sign one of mine. Has she done any work recently with Pokemon (as in Sword and Shield?)

Truly amazing collection Nospin!


Beautiful card! Someday…

Yuka is definitely still illustrating, she had a card or two in Vivid Voltage and looks like has a Salandit in Battle Styles. She is pretty reliably having at least a couple cards in each set.

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Thats good. Hopefully, she continues. Maybe I will need to send her a card to sign one day. Thank you

Definitely one of the more interesting artists to see a collection of all her work. I love the fact that there are pokemon cards where its just a clay sculpture of the pokemon. Also, I have that steelix and didn’t even realize it was Morii!

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Yuka morri is a gem, great collection!

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Enjoy this walk through of her recent exhibit! -

Some more pages. Working on the Dittos, which are some of her priciest set cards outside the E-Series holos. Have a couple Japanese exclusives on the way…


A very long overdue update. Yuka recently had an exhibition of Yokai in Japan and had the opportunity to purchase actual pieces. After MANY emails I am happy to add the Yokai of crying children, Gamojin, to my collection and my FIRST original Yuka Morii piece.


Wow that is awesome! Ive always said they should make molds of the clay figures she uses for the card artworks and then mass produce them, but owning and original is insane! Congratulations


Owning an original piece from any of the illustrators is an amazing accomplishment!


Wow that is crazy! I didn’t know morii sold originals! Also love the frame. I’ll have to keep an eye out for their work.


Follow her on Twitter @smpratte! She posts regularly about her shows and the rare occasion something is for sale. As for the frame, that’s exactly how is was sold from her studio! Came with a beautiful card and info on the showing as well.


One of my favorite artists in general, not just Pokemon! I’m always drawn to collections with a distinct goal/theme, and yours is one of the most impressive I’ve seen @nospin :heart: Clay as a medium is incredibly tedious and time consuming, and Morii along with Sachiko Adachi pretty much molded (no pun intended) my view of the TCG in contrast to the anime when I was younger. I can see your passion, and a huge kudos to you for such dedication! What a gorgeous collection!