Masters scroll Value?

Trying to figure out a price for a psa 9 master scroll ? It’s been since last year when one was sold in this particular grade so no idea where too put it’s possible estimate of value if anyone could help would appreciate it big time , thank you in advance

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You own a scroll correct? Probably a bit lower than what it sold for last year? Just saying that because prices across the board for promos seemed to have lowered. But since it is a rare, one of a kind card, it will always be an estimate.



I do my friend , I wanted too get an idea of what some would value it if I ever thought of selling or trading even though it would take a lot for me too let go of it if I ever do , but I also don’t want too over value it as I do see the Japanese promos have indeed gone down

Not sure if 10k is a good price point or lower or higher like 12 ish ?

Not a direct answer, but took the opportunity to snag sales data


That 2019 sale before the chaos yeesh lol


for stuff like this where u’ll prolly be the only one listed just list it high with an obo


Probably the best route for sure thank you :pray:t2:

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Trophies have softened some in 2024, which can be viewed in the Great Japanese Market thread. However, scrolls don’t pop up as often as other trophies. I would expect somewhere between $7,000-$10,000 in auction, but you might get more via fixed price with best offer.


Thank you :pray:t2: I thought more would have been sold than what have been this year and last but who knows if there’s privet sales of them we all don’t know of

I do remember seeing a psa 8 scroll selling for around 8k but not sure if that was this year

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Something like a scroll is more on the side of finding someone willing to sell. Not saying that is impossible, just speaking as someone who owns both a psa 9 & 10 and don’t want to sell at the current prices. Which is probably why you haven’t seen many available.

Anyway if you ever wanted to consign let me know! I think I did one earlier this year! :scroll:


Thank you sir ! I will definitely do so if I ever want too let it go :pray:t2:

I know they are niche to collectors but do you see the scrolls rising up in price ? Not dramatically but maybe a bit ?


Where is the cheaper option? :pikasunglasses:

In all seriousness the main driving force for supply would be older collectors cashing out. I don’t know how long that will last or how frequent copies will appear. It would be less probable people who bought in the last few years at higher prices would sell.


It always is interesting to see all these “extra copies” and additional supplies of the top trophies being graded in today’s market, but (for some reason) we rarely see newer scrolls being graded or extra copies coming out of the wood work… Makes ya wonder where all these “hundreds” of copies are that people seem to love to harp on.

Scrolls, I have come to learn, are much more difficult to find and track down than your average trophy card. They seem to stick with 1 buyer for quite a while before trading hands again. When I was looking for my copy, I had to scavenge eBay, IG tags, and old Youtube videos to see who even had one for sale, let alone willing to sell at a price I could afford.

I am glad I pulled the trigger on mine before it got any harder to aquire.

Best of luck with your scroll! It is truly a one of a kind card!

@alleybro If you feel like selling your copy, reach out to me. I am willing to negotiate a price for your 9 if you are needing cash and not wanting to risk it to auction the card.



Thank you for sharing your experience on how you found your scroll !

I also saw your Daisuki club video , and brilliant video my friend :raised_hands:

I will definitely keep you in mind as well !

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Using acetone on a regular holo and you get the same look of the Master Scroll

Ugly card, no Pokemon


Don’t tell the white border jungle shills what a good piece of black paper and sunlight can do to a regular jungle card…


I can tell I’ve never held one before :pikasunglasses:

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