Master Scrolls

What’s the consensus on how many Master Scrolls were given out?’s_Scroll_(L-P_Promo_55)

Last it was talked about, the decision was just “Probably more than 1000.”

You agree then funmonkey that over 1000 Master Scrolls were produced?

Until presented with solid reason or evidence that otherwise is true, yes.

Your basing that only on what you linked where some random person said…

“Don’t know about rarity but I guess >1000.”

That hardly seems reliable, not to mention definitive? Or do you have a more reliable source?


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Post by daria on Dec 22, 2011 at 1:39pm

I always wondered how many there were as well. Is there even a definitive way to determine how many exist as it is a Daisuki point promo?

I don’t. Hence the “This is where the discussion left off last time.”

Rather than me saying “There are exactly this many.”

I wish there was a way to know how many Daisuki and Fan Club promos were released. Let’s look at it from this persepctive for a moment: there were estimated to be just over 150 Victory Orb promos (the one with the Mew also had a similar number estimated to be released). What is the consensus on what we perceive the relative rarity of the Masters Scroll when compared to the Victory Orb? More or less seem to be around?

Definitely not definitive by any stretch, but it’s something haha.

We’re comparing an orange to apple here I think. The Victory Orb promo is a tournament prize card while the Master Scroll is a fan club prize card. You can obtain the Master Scroll without necessarily competing in tournaments as there are other activities that would allow you to earn points and obtain the reward. I do believe the Victory Orbs are much rarer based on the instances they were offered for sale.

I don’t think there’s a way to ascertain the number of Master Scroll cards issued due to the way the card can be obtained.

Yes, definitely no way to have any idea how many of a Daisuki card were produced. I too would think it’s more common than the Victory Orbs, but I’m curious what other members have perceived in terms of the ones they’ve seen for sale. I just find it interesting!

I sold my psa 10 recently on eBay. I could have sold my 9 twice already for 500.00 offers but passed.
There’s been 2 or 3 others on eBay but always the same ones.
I actually love the look especially encased.

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I think it’s strange anyway with those fan club / daisuki cards… I dont get how an umbreon* is worth as much as the sellers on ebay are asking… The prices are just ridiculous compared to the rarity of the card.
Also I’m pretty sure there are more master’s scrolls than victory orbs out there (there are 181 victory orbs) so I guess the scroll is around 200-250 maybe

There’s only been 6 or so of each graded. Most the orbs got 10s but only one of the scrolls got a 10.

If I would hazard a guess, I would say the number is much higher than that (at least 1000) due to the immense popularity of Pokemon in Japan and the points required to obtain the card is not insurmountable.

I think it’s more to do with the centering. I personally graded 2 Master Scrolls that came fresh from original folders and both came back PSA9.

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Where can I find a list of the L-P Daisuki points and rewards? I feel like the best way to get a close guess at the amount released is to base it off how many of the card below it and above it on the point scale were released.

You got a Master Scroll?
If so, I have an original master scroll booklet…

Those cards somehow developed a corner “roll” which makes them unlikely 10s. I got the only 10 which I sold recently for less than the 2000.00usd it deserved.
How much are you trying to get for the 9s? I’ve had one up for a little over 500.00 for a long time and just can’t seem to figure true value. I asked here recently how many were produced and some said over 1000 though my very reliable source said there were waaaay fewer than that. I believe that false impression is keeping the price down on these.
I’d suggest you hang on to yours until the market catches on to the true rarity then your values will shoot up where they belong;)

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That all sounds reasonable:)