Master Scroll Info

I have tried looking up some info about this card and it’s pretty hard too find how hard or easy it was too obtain this card

If the psa pop reports tell a story than the masters scroll story is it’s pretty rare and was hard too achieve but I have been told too not really trust the reports lol

If anyone has some info on this card / how many estimated out there and pretty much the Daisuki system would love too know

Do we consider this a trophy card ?

Who dares speak this blasphemy of the sacred scroll. :scroll:


Pretty much sums it up


The master scroll was released in 2005 only to members of the written cabal. To enter this Cabal, you had to scribe "All hail the most honored scroll 14,837 times. Can’t type it, had to hand write it. I hear that the entries had to be verifed by either Ishihara or Masuda. As busy individuals, only 14 entries were verified, and of those, only 9 were deemed worthy and issued the master scroll.

Of those 9, 6 were destroyed in the Tokyo post fire of '05. No causalties thank goodness, but those copies are gone for good. If you come across any of those 3 remaining copies, hold onto it for dear life.

Either that or some Daisuke thing


I guess no estimates of how many copies though

Unfortunately there is no way to get an estimate on copies awarded through point redemption.


What does this even mean? The pop report is a datapoint. You just have to know what the data is telling you. It’s the total amount submitted (regrades included). It’s not the total amount made. There will be a bunch in Japan still ungraded. But just as they are not available to be added to the pop report, they are not available for you to purchase either. The pop report provides a good indication of the availability of a card. The older the card, the more informative the pop report becomes


The psa pop report has probably added 5-10 at most since I purchased mine 5 years ago. If that says anything.

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Seriously screw the pop reports. Am so sick of seeing amateurs referring to them and then make misleading and untrue statements about cards and the market.

Every good Pokemon fan should avoid exposing their eyes to the unholy, vile and misleading numbers on the pop reports.

Love the card, judge its artwork and enjoy the hobby. Maybe this is why BGS block its pop reports from the public.

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