'Mark As Read' Button/Feature for 'New Topics'?

Is it possible to incorporate a ‘MARK THREAD AS READ’ button in the New Topics category, similar to how it is already coded into other categories (e.g. General Board, Sales, Sour Grapes, etc)? I heard a Global Footer can add this feature to a New Topics category (although it always reroutes you to the Home/Main Page after you’ve chosen ‘MARK AS READ’):

<script type="text/javascript"> //Mark as read in Title row on new topics page var td = document.getElementsByTagName("td"); if(pb_username!="Guest" && location.href.match(/newestthreads/)){ for(i=0; i<td.length; i++){ if(td.className == "titlebg" && td.innerHTML.match(/Newest/i)){ td.innerHTML= '<table width="100%" cellpadding="0"><tr><td align="left">'+td.innerHTML+'</td><td align="right"><a href="javascript: postRequest(\'/index.cgi?action=markallboardsread\', 1)"><img src="http://images.proboards.com/new/buttons/markasread.png" alt="Mark All Boards Read" title="Mark All Boards Read" border="0"/></a></td></tr></table>'; break; }}} </script>

I am not certain if this code is compatible with this forum. Any information would be greatly appreciated!

I unfortunately cannot do much code changing around the forum until we’re upgraded to V5. I have no idea when that’ll actually happen as I’ve been waiting on it for a couple months. I’ll go look into the matter. :blush:

@bluey.:* – Cool, thanks :blush:

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