New mobile scroll buttons

Based on user feedback, I have quickly hacked together some mobile buttons that allow quick navigation to the top, bottom and last unread message in a thread. The last one might be redundant since that is the default behavior but we can try it out and see if it’s useful

See below for the three buttons (the wrench is an admin thing)

And yes, they are maybe a bit too small, I’ll fix up the way it looks if we decide to keep this functionality.


This is epic

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For those on desktop (and maybe mobile?), if you click the date at the top on the right side of the screen, it takes you all the way up to the top of the post. The same works if you click the bottom of that area to go to the bottom. I found this was very helpful on the larger threads that auto start you at the beginning. Its faster than dragging the scroll bar as well!



Is there a way to turn it to pages instead of the bar? I don’t like the bar. :frowning:

There is not, unfortunately. The functionality for pages doesn’t natively exist in this forum software. We must make our peace with the scroll.

Pages were the #1 annoying thing on the old forum. Automatically going to last read post is awesome


I would sacrifice anything to bring pages back. Even you, Eeveeteam. I am sorry. :gun:


I am trying to understand the benefits of pages. If you were away for a few days, the thread would be on page 23, and you don’t know if you last left off on page 19, 20, 21, or 22 and would have to go through them while getting spoilers on what is being said.


Modern forum architecture opens topics at your last read post, not the most recent post, exactly how it behaves here now. This is true regardless of whether there are pages.

Proboards didn’t work that way because it was from 1912.

I asked one of the plugin developers for Discourse and he quoted me $50k for pagination functionality and maintenance


I barely have to scroll. You can always just click the numbers and then the top or bottom and instantly get to the last or first post.

I added the eye button to take you to the last viewed. I debated removing it since I find I rarely use it. Does find it useful?

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I’d prefer you keep it, personally.

Additionally, I have made peace with infinite scroll. No amount of my bellyaching is worth $50,000. Don’t mind me.