mala2602's Wants


Although new to this forum, I am not a complete stranger to Pokemon collecting. Some people here know me, like @hisoka107, @soulwind and @nauticads among others.

I have a rather large want list, so hopefully some of you are able to help me out. At the time being I am only looking for WOTC-cards and mainly the Neo series. I was thinking around $50 for each card, except those with low population, more valuable cards etc. Not expecting to get a PSA 10 Neo Revelation holo for $50, but for cards from Fossil, Team Rocket, Gym Challenge etc. I think it is acceptable. Do keep in mind that I am open to negotiate.

I made a google sheets list, so hopefully that is okay.


Do feel free to PM, and thanks!

Good luck with the hunt and welcome!

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