M Charizard UR (X/Y) English PSA 10

I know there is one graded PSA 10 M Zard Y ultra rare, and four M Zard X ultra rare PSA 10.

I was wondering if anyone on here was in possession of either of these? And if they’d be willing to ever let them go… :zipper_mouth_face: :rofl:


english :blush:

Lol! All good man

I only know of one and the guy doesn’t want to trade.
I assume the guy with the 107 (POP of 1) has both because the first ones popped up in pairs.
So I conclude that the person with those either won’t sell or they are going
to be a hefty price.

I sold two M charizard 69s for around $250. I’m on the hunt for them as well so good luck.

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Bid war! Lol

Lol I don’t think you want to do that ;

I don’t! Lol

Think of the Rayquaza s lol.

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good luck boys :grin:

It looks like there is a lot of money to be made in English PSA 10 SR/URs.

Lol xD

the auction hasn’t even ended and your in a bidding war with another user from another forum. I thought you were only doing a Rayquaza collection after you stopped collecting gold stars.

I doubt you’ll get a 10 if you send in 6. I’d be curious if you’d like to try and would even buy if you did :blush:.

I sold 2 psa 10 m charizard ex 69 for 250. Which is 10 x the ungraded cost. I picked those out over a dozen cases. It’s simply not easy to get 10 and it’s reflected in their selling prices.

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I’m praying you do. I’d like to add those to my psa 10 charizard full art.

Speaking on my FA charizard. It’s the only one according to psa pop report. Some guy looking to buy my psa 10 kangaskhan ex for 60 paypal said he had one and almost all the ones in psa 10. I thought it funny since I have the only english FA charizard and Toxicroak in a psa 10 and I k ow the owner of the FA kangaskhan. I told him I’d sell it to him for 55 as I wanted 65 if they took a pic of this supposed second FA charizard in a psa 10.

I haven’t heard back since. Any experience with 12pokeseller99?.

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I’m out. Past my limit

I am going to have to agree with Hisoka. It is definitely not at all a guarantee 10 if you buy 6 ungraded. In fact the chances are very low you get a 10. From personal experience, I sent in 4 of each UR charizard (all personally pulled), as well as 4 of each full art / EX version and only obtained a single psa 10

That price is disgusting.

But it’s valuable for similar reasons the Charizard Secret in PSA 10 is, so it’s understanble.

:slightly_frowning_face: I still want it.

I see that the tcgcollecter is bidding on it. I thought that guy/person would have learned their lesson when they bought all those psa 10 and 9 gold stars and exs the. Tried to sell it in a "collection for 20k OBO. I sold them a psa 10 tyranitar ex from unseen forces for 100. Then later ended up auctioning it off at 40 lol.

Those are my exact thoughts.

I understand English SR/UR these days are hard to find in PSA 10, but I didn’t have $300+ worth of difficulties getting some of those cards in PSA 10 back when I collected them. Worst case scenario was that I had to go through 3 copies of certain cards before finding a Gem Mint example. I never sent in the sub-PSA 10 cards.

That isn’t to say I disagree with Hisoka and the others. I hardly know anything about English cards these days. :stuck_out_tongue: