Ludkins UK Middleman Service Bankrupt?

Same. The reason I didn’t is because I wanted to save them the transaction fees :clown_face: :clown_face: :clown_face:


Same for me! :see_no_evil:

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:sob: we both got duped, agreed?


Unfortunately yes :disappointed: but I think we had fair reason to believe it would be ok with Ludkins recently being announced as PSA UK. I also sent a £1000 submission in July/August which came back fine just glad I haven’t lost that much this time. Looks like I will have to contact citizens advice

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100% this. I chatted with him a fair bit at worlds and felt like it was a fresh start. I kept thinking “it’ll be fine… he middle maxmoefoe’s Gyarados!” :headstone:

Also the way PSA deprioritised middlemen orders for so long meant I had more goodwill towards middlemen than PSA.

Lessons have been learned :rofl:

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Exactly! As you say lesson learnt. I think I will most likely just submit directly now to avoid anything like this in future. Not worth the worry/stress!

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You got a 2022 sub back? When did it come back? I sent off in July August too but never got anything back!

I did but I think it was sent on the premium service level which is why I got it back in time. It was one high end card so probably went in its own.

Got it back early September and I picked it up in person.

Ah okay, thanks mate!

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re phone your bank and tell them you have been scammed its not too far from the truth you got to know how to play the system, i did it with a dodgy website once who were selling cheap booster boxs

How is this not a scam? You were promised a service for money, you paid, the service wasn’t done. That sounds like a scam to me?