Lost Origins Stadium Build Battle Box Leak

Somebody is getting fired! (I’m PUMPED for some giratina cards)

I like the logo. If the alts in this set are good and prices aren’t too high, I’m considering buying a few booster boxes for the first time in my life.


Is it fair to say that:
Brilliant Stars was a nod to the Arceus sets and loosely tied to arceus Legends
Astral Radiance was the Diamond / Pearl remake set, loosely tied to Brilliant Diamond/Shining Pearl
Lost Origins will be the “Platinum” set

Astral Radiance was completely PLA.

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yeah brilliant stars was actually more of the BDSP set, astral was the first PLA set and lost origin will be the second. it *should* also feature the zeraora and deoxys high class decks, but that isn’t confirmed yet. if they repeat last year, zeraora and deoxys wont come out until SWSH12

one thing seems to be likely though, and that is, the return of the lost zone.


“Lost zone” = ?:open_mouth:

the 2nd discard pile only available for 1 set in the HGSS era is what I’m gathering from looking online?

edit: I just poked around some more and seen an example of the gengar prime card and it’s reference to the lost zone.
The Lost Zone seems awesome! I wonder how they will implement it into the PTCGO

Lost Zone is already in PTCGO. :blush: A few years back one of the more popular budget decks was Lost March, a Lost Zone variation of Night March. Lost Thunder had at least a few cards featuring Lost Zone mechanics.