Looking For: YuGiOh - Yugi 1st Edition Starter Deck

Trying to put together a little nostalgic YuGiOh collection :blush:
I was able to track down the other three original decks, but im having a little trouble finding this last one.

I am willing to pay around $125 for the sealed 1st edition deck, or I can trade some Pokemon cards.

(Deck pictured is the unlimited variant)

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not uYcc…


It’s a community too. Besides you’d be surprised how many people here will have Yu-Gi-Oh, Magic, DBZ, Harry Potter, and all sorts of other TCG cards.

One thing to @pottsinator you also posted an European addition. I’m not sure if this would matter to you or not, but the European additions vs North American additions have distinct differences. Top right corner of the box is where you can see the label.


Haha ya ya ya :stuck_out_tongue:
I know a lot of people collect more than just Pokemon, so I’m hoping to get lucky!

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I noticed that as soon as I posted that picture haha:/ I was hoping no one would notice cause I didn’t want to find another one lol.

But you are right! I’m looking for the North American 1st edition box only. Thank you for helping to clear that up!

Kinda related; just wanted to show off my YGO collection just to illustrate that there are other people interested. For me (and many others I’m sure), Yu-Gi-Oh was the follow-up to Pokemon and I actually did play the card game for a good amount of time. And similarly to Pokemon, I started collecting again out of nostalgia, right before I came back to collecting Pokemon actually. Here’s YGO Binder, in the style of my Pokemon ones, this time in black with a Millenium Puzzle Decal.

Some of the cards in the collection: s12.photobucket.com/user/areestee/library/Yu-Gi-Oh

Best of luck with your search and your YGO collection @pottsinator ! =]

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Awesome stuff man! :blush:
Blue eyes was always my favorite! I remember buying the theme decks when I was little and always trying to understand the game, but I ended up just collecting cause I didn’t understand it haha :laughing:
Then Pokemon became the main focus and I lost interest.

When I was on YouTube about a week ago, a YuGiOh video showcasing the kaiba deck was in my suggested videos box and the nostalgia hit me where it hurts! Haha

That’s kind of how it happened to me too. My first Yu-Gi-Oh purchase was a 1st Edition Kaiba Starter Deck that I got for 20 bucks (which was expensive at the time). I still have all the holos from there in borderline NM condition, despite having played the game cause I was just a bit more mature by the time Yu-Gi-Oh came around and knew to sleeve my cards. Blue-Eyes, definitely hands down my favorite; it’s basically the Charizard of YGO. Then I lost interest, but fast forward a couple of years later, saw some videos on Youtube, and I was hooked all over again.

Yugioh proved to be easier to satisfy my collection goals for though; at this point I pretty much have all the cards I ever wanted back in the day. Pokemon on the other hand has a lot of stuff that I never knew existed which I now want, like obscure Japanese promos, which makes it a more on-going project.

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I love my 1st Ed. Blue Eyes with Exodias uncut sheet. There’s only three in the world and if Rusty would only come around and sell me his I know where the third one is and then I could go after that one.

That’s my goal…all three.


You sound like Kaiba when he went after Yugi’s grandfather’s Blue Eyes, haha :blush:


Will you ever stopppp :stuck_out_tongue:

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I’ll never stop lol.

I already offered him triple what it’s worth and he kindly passed:(


Triple… I mean he does have a PSA 10 BEWD set going. He mentioned listing it in one of his recent videos. I’m anxious.