Looking for PSA 10 FA Mewtwo and Old Sealed packs

Hey, this is my first post so bare with me! But I’m looking to buy a Gem mint 10 Full Art Mewtwo from BW Next Destinies. I’ll start the offer out at $130, but I’m really not sure on a price and I have some wiggle room to negotiate.

As for the packs, I’m looking for any packs that aren’t that current so Neo series, E-Series and older stuff. These will have to be priced on a more pack to pack basis.

I found out about this place yesterday and am pumped to become an active member!


hello. Welcome and hope you enjoy the forum.
The Mewtwo FA from NXD is very hard to get in a 10 and
not many got a 10. I know of 2 owners and they paid closer
to $150-200 a year ago. If you find one dont hesitate on
the price. Its a hard card to come across.

I’ve quite a few weighed packs if you are interested. They
are priced accordingly for sealed collectors.


Thanks for the input on the Mewtwo! I’ll be sure to pull the trigger if one comes at me. As for the packs I guess I should’ve included that I’d prefer non weighed packs, but again, thanks for the offer!

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I have many Team Rocket Returns boosters available if you are interested.

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Sadly I do not own the Illustrious PSA 10 Mewtwo full art, I have heard tales that many have perished in their search for this great power, for this power corrupts the soul. This power answers to no one.(thunder cracks in the background)

The prophet @hisoka107 has stated that 2 earthclan have wielded this power. However they are no longer men, they… are no longer… of this world. Formless Not human, ether real. (lightning and Thunder cracks in the background)

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Only with this Elixir can one thwart the all seeing eye of PSA!
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I have unopened ANCIENT mew cards

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