WOTC 1st Ed PSA 10 Buy Thread
Here is a list of all the cards/products that I’m looking to purchase along with the prices (USD) I’m willing to pay.

  • Cert number doesn’t matter, but prefer the new case.
  • Feel free to let me know if my price is off by a lot, I’ll try my best to keep this updated.
  • Always happy to negotiate and work out something comfortable for both of us!
  • My reference post on IG

Neo Revelation

  • Suicune 1st Ed PSA 10 - $8k
  • Suicune 1st Ed PSA 9 - $600

EX TM Magma vs. TM Aqua

  • Suicune EX PSA 10 - $2000

I might have a Ditto tucked away somewhere. I’ll be sure to take a look and get back to you :blush:

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@gurrenscards, thanks, Gurren, I really appreciate it!

There is a suicune ex team magma on eBay just listed. Big asking price tho…

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Yep, I saw that one and immediately made an offer, let’s see how it goes:)

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Bump, added neo rev dogs in 1st ed PSA 10. I know they’re very hard to find, so any help would be greatly appreciated!


Knocked down raikou and entei, increased my offer for suicune to $4k.

7 days bump, added a couple of cards, looking forward to PMs!

GL on the Lugia! Dream card. Only one I’ve seen in a long time is the one on eBay for $30k

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Thanks:) I’ll reach out to the seller and see if we can work something out. I believe last sold was $13k on eBay.

There’s your chance to win Lugia. :blush:


@nauticads, thanks, will keep an eye on it

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@nostalgiaoldbird, The man who is auctioning that Lugia advertised it for 13k USD on FB last week :slightly_frowning_face:. If i had known you were looking for one, i defs would have referred you. He’s a local Australian that is pretty active in the groups.

Hopefully it goes for below 13k USD and you snag a deal.

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Was advertised for $15k usd :blush:

I know because it’s mine lol


Lugia purchased, this is one of my favorite Pokemon cards of all time, many thanks to all of you for your help!



Ahhh, i think you are right! I might have misread where it said the last sold was 13k.

Good luck on your auction

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Are you still looking for the tyranitar from neo discovery?

Yeah, still looking for everything listed in the post. Do you happen to have a lead?

I will send you a pm

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Knocked down the Neo Discovery Tyranitar thanks to @venusaur24. Increased offers for some and added a couple of wants from e-series. Looking forward to PMs:)