Mcorey777's Wtb 1st ed PSA 9 Espeon, Umbreon, Suicune

Wtb Expedition Neo Discovery 1st edition PSA 9 Espeon offering $500-$625 range depending on card and condition

Wtb Neo Discovery Umbreon PSA 9 offering $900-$1000 range depending on card and condition.

Wtb Neo revelation 1st edition PSA 9 Suicune offering $600-$700 depending on card and condition.

Please post or pm with what you have and price

There’s a PSA 8.5 1st Edition Neo Pichu coming up on PWCC weekly auction 12. Good luck on the hunt!


@smokemon I might go for that one or the 9 but preferably just looking for a clean 8

Smart man. 8s are starting to make sense for a lot of lower print WOTC. Are you cracking for binders? Just curious.

Just redoing my original collection. Originally had all the Wotc holos minus a few big hitters. Eventually sold them all to grab all PSA 8/9 copies. About 45 percent complete on PSA set registry.


Updated a huge list. The higher on the list the bigger the priority. Please post or pm with what you have

Hey mike! Got some of the gym series ones. Ill pm you again

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Hey I have a PSA 9 1st Edition Sabrina’s Gengar if interested.

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I have a PSA 8 1st Pichu from neo genesis for sale. Also the same card as 8.5

I also have a PSA 9 1st jungle Jolteon for sale.

If you are still interested you can message me :blush:

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I’ve got quite a few. Messaged you on IG


Updated current wants list. Focus is on Expedition Pichu, Neo Revelation Suicune and Neo Discovery Espeon. Decided to wait another month or two on the Gym sets once I finish my current list.

Hey there. I believe I’ve got a suicune. I’ll try to dig it up and send a photo later :slightly_smiling_face:

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