Looking for price suggestion on PSA 10 secret rares

Hey guys i just got back a PSA 10 secret rare from breakpoint. Gyarados 123 and a psa 10 secret rare from breakthrough mewtwo 163. I couldn’t find any sold or even listed on ebay. Anyone have suggestions on the value? Only two of the gyarados (breakpoint) Couldn’t find the pop of the breakthrough.

Congrats! I would say at least $100 for the Gyarados and maybe $120-140 for the Mewtwo.

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That one sold back in March, just about a month after the release of the set, when card prices are inflated. I assume it was also the first one listed and sold which increased the value as well.

I think asking $200 per would be fair, but I do think my estimates are closer to the expected value if @melcher is looking for a quick sale.

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I’ve heard of PSA 9 SR Gyarados selling for £80 so would think that $200 for the 10 is fair. I know someone chasing one if you are selling.

You are correct, my copy was the first one listed on eBay. Funny thing, I put it up for $275 BIN/OBO and the buyer purchased it without sending me an offer first. I’m guessing they wanted it badly.

@melcher if you’re looking to sell the Gyarados, the same buyer who bought my PSA 10 M Gyarados FA mentioned they were looking for other 10s from that set. I can check with them if you want. Just PM me :blush:

That would be cool! I actually got a good chunk of the full arts from this set in a 10! One of them only has a pop of 1

Here’s the 10s i got.

121 HO-OH
120 M SCIZOR (pop 1)

seems this set graded well. I’m at day 45. I wish PSA gets my order done soon so I can sell my extras for ones I likely didn’t get PSA 10.