Looking for Masaki Gengar

Hello guys! I am not going to just create one of these to look for a card and then ignore the site so here is a little information about me. My name is Zach and I am a 21 year old college student. Was HUGE into pokemon when I was a kid and sadly, my mom literally threw my binders of pokemon cards away when I was younger (the jerk). Back in Januaryish, I had gotten some of them back, but decide to get rid of them because my college budget was TINY at that moment (Thank god I have saved a lot now and can buy this type of stuff again :grin:). My favorite without a doubt is Gengar. I am looking mainly for Masaki Gengar on here, but the Holo Gengar 1st edition from fossil would catch my interest too. I am nice and talkative, so don’t be shy! Only other things I can think of that describe me is I also collect firearms (my pride and joy is my Saiga 12 gauge) and I have Celiac disease which is an autoimmune disease that makes my body attack my intestines if I eat any amount of gluten!

What an introduction bud, welcome. You can find a Masaki Gengar in Yahoo! Japan, try looking there. Also, ebay can be a good source for your 1st edition Fossil Gengar inquiry. If no luck there someone in here can definitely help you further. Enjoy!

Are you looking for a raw Gengar 1st ed fossil or a graded one? I have one out at PSA right now that is at about business day 45… :rage: . Looks like they want me to wait until 2016 to get these 170 cards back.

I thought it had a shot at a PSA 10 but may be a PSA 9. Either way it will be a duplicate for me so I will be looking to move it. I should have it in a couple weeks at the latest. I actually have a 1st ed non holo there as well and a raw non holo 1st ed too.

I actually went on there after speaking to you and found one for a little over $30 after seeing that! Heck yes. I am ready to get that baby in the states.

*thumbs up*