Masaki set

Hi all

I’m looking for 3 of the Masaki set: Golem, Gengar and Machamp. Anyone willing to sell? Anyone know of where I can find them?

This is not an urgent request, but I’ve been looking for months and haven’t really found anything…

I do need to learn how to use Y!J, but have Alakazam. Maybe if another Snap card shows up :stuck_out_tongue:

Loads of Masaki cards were being sold last year but now very few :thinking: I wonder what the reason for that is?

have you checked Hardrock? Brian usually does very well with special requests if he doesn’t have what you want in stock and he has good contacts to obtain the harder stuff.

Yes I did, but the cards I want actually have white specks on them. In the end we decided that he sells as a set and informs any buyer of the condition before they commit.

I’ve been asking around if people have some to split and people are getting back to me. One amazing set is this one though:

If people want to start a Masaki collection, I’ll be very interested in selling the other two. Therefore I am considering offers on Alakazam and Omastar

how do you even search for the promos on yahoo japan anyways.sometimes i just see lots but not the promos

i know wher u might get the set just pm me

Grrrr… I really want this! Will I ever be able to sell my existing cards so I don’t have duplicates?

You know the old saying-

You should get it now before he raises his price… again

LOL that’s not helpful!

OK, I know what I’m getting if I pass this ridiculous exam I’ve got in two weeks!

I know where you can find the golom and machamp. Go on youtube and search up candymanm and go to his channel and watch his Video that is being displayed.


I’m tempted, because that would mean I don’t need to keep duplicates. On the other hand, I like the set I’ve linked to and I don’t even know whether candymanm is even reliable or not. I’ll think about it in November when I have some time.

Thanks for the info

he is selling them for $35 each.

That is very tempting…

What do I do about Golem though?

He is also on here as gamecard

Cheers mate

gamecard, I want your caaaaaaaaaaaaaaaards :grin: