dogma's superstore - PRE-OPENING SALE!


I realised I had some duplicates - I’m going to list everything properly soon, but here’s a taster of what I have:

Masaki Alakazam
Masaki Omastar

Unown R x2
Other CoroCoro promos (please ask, condition varies from NM to absolute crap)
Asobikata Version 2 Diglett and Dugtrio

Set cards
VS (93/141) Rocket’s Wobbuffet

I also will list other VS duplicates, and I have lots of Japanese duplicates from Base, Jungle, Fossil, Team Rocket, Gym 1 and Gym 2.

(I also have holos but they might not be mint. I might offload these on eBay, so am willing to give these away at bargain prices - either way I’ll probably make the same amount of money)

I also have some Vending series cards too. The first Bill’s Pass I find is for m786ali though :wink:

Ask if you’re after older cards, I might have duplicates

Whats your price for your:
Masaki Alakazam
Masaki Omastar

Other CoroCoro promos - where can I find pictures of these cards/set?

$35 each for the Masaki’s. They’re entirely mint, but happy to post pictures of them.

As for the CoroCoro’s, I’ll post a picture so you can have a look. I prefer a bulk sale of the damaged ones, but obviously am not after much on them

You can send it to my email (resolution will be larger IMO).

Are you interested in the Masaki’s? I can post a picture with my iPhone, but will do all of them tomorrow when I’m sorting through the other cards o have.

No point in giving you pics if you’re not interested :wink:

Ive bought 2x Masaki Gengar on eBay for my collection (1x “regular”, 1x WEB)…I like these cards…Im still considering to buy them or not (Masaki Omastar would be great for my little sisters collection). Is my answer sufficient? :wink:


OK I’ll post the pics soon. Whilst I do want to sell my Masaki’s I can’t compromise on the price I’m afraid. The others I am willing to because of the condition/lack of relative rarity

What is so “LOL” on my post?

Ok, Ill take a look.

I LOL at everything. What’s the point of being depressing? :stuck_out_tongue:

Ok lol. Havent think about it… :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m interested in the Omastar, would you be able to do $35 to the states?

Sorry; I should add shipping is extra. However, I do not believe in taking a single penny profit on shipping. I pay for what you ask for and don’t bloat the costs :blush:

Could I get a quote for it with shipping please?

I’ll have to check with the Post Office. Would you want insurance/tracking?

I was here first. I want that Masaki Omastar :stuck_out_tongue: Ill pay for the shipping, thats not a problem :wink:

Supply and demand in real time. You have to increase the bid.


To be honest, I don’t want to cause a fuss so let I’ll check the shipping options. I’m really not anticipating it being more than $10 unless prices have suddenly jumped.

I have a preference for selling the Alakazam at the same time if that sways anyone (and obviously that way you’re saving on the shipping)

Shipping from USA is usualy 2-4 dollars for airmail. Let me know, show me pics and Ill decide (Im interested in both your cards).

It’ll have to be tomorrow; I forgot it’s fathers day in the UK, having a family get together. Sorry!

No problem :wink: