What is the gengar card on the forum skin?

^ title? I think its a promo, i love the art on it.

Masaki Gengar.

I cant remember what it is and i could get it when i was trying to cycle through the skin.

I think its bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Gengar_(Pok%C3%A9mon_Web_47) but im not entirely sure. If it is the artwork has been used ona few different cards but the Web is the easiest/cheapest to find.

Yeah it’s Masaki Gengar, it can be relatively easily obtained for about $40-$50 on eBay if you find the right deal.

Awsome thanks, was looking at one on ebay going for 200 pounds D: non PSA graded

Is it going for that, or listed at that?
I’d be quite surprised if it were actually going for that price.

Its listed as that, bit insane

Currently Masaki cards have been going at an all time high on eBay due to the previous influx of Masaki promos and the frenzy bidding. I hope prices go down as I’m going for the second set.

I just got a complete Sealed set which was awesome. But yeh I’m trying to complete a second set un-selaed and so far I’ve paid $67 and $51 for Gengar and Machamp.

Couple months ago a PSA 8-9 Set went for $350 i think which i think is pretty reasonable.

They’re really up in value but deservedly so. The Masaki cards were undervalued for a long time!

its odd how a few years back you can get masaki cards for like less than 40 now they going higher.still need a couple to even complete my set