Masaki Gengar

Can someone tell me the difference between these cards? Is one worth more than the other?

The one on the left is the original Masaki Gengar which was earned through the “Masaki Mailaway Campaign”. The one on the right is a reprint in the WEB set which mostly just reprinted popular cards for one unified set. Almost like the English “Legendary Collection” set.

The original Masaki Gengar is worth a great deal of money, the WEB one is worth considerably less. The reprint did not affect the value as the WEB card design is significantly different, and is usually considered less appealing - at least by purists like myself :wink:

Hope that helps in some way :blush:

That helps a lot, thanks!

I am now trying to help a friend that wants the masaki gengar holo…does anybody have one for trade or sale?? He has some really rare cards, old promos, neo shinies, most old era EX cards, VS and vending cards, plus many of the new Ultra rares. I found a guy on ebay selling one for about $300, but trying to see if anyone has one for trade or lower price. Thanks. I dont think he cares if it is vending or web version.

A member on PokeGym had one for sale a while ago. Or maybe long ago…I can’t remember when. His name was Ace or something like that.


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I have a PSA mint 9 1st ed Web Gengar and might have an unlimited one but I need to look for it lol

He doesn’t care about PSA grades, and like I said looking for one lower then $300, and prefers trades (which would be made through me-aka I am his middlewoman). But yes if you have and can part with one please Pm me.

I have a spare mint one, pm me what you have to trade