Masaki Alakazam PSA 9, some Gengar’s


Masaki Gengar PSA 9: $450
Sabrina’s Gengar PSA 9: $130
HGSS Triumphant Gengar PSA 9: $50
Gengar ex FireRed/LeafGreen PSA 9: $130
Masaki Alakazam PSA 9: $280
Please let me know on fair prices/negotiations. I appreciate it and am willing to correct. :blush:

Need a 1st fossil 9?

Here’s a PSA 9 Masaki Gengar on eBay with a cracked case, could be recased:

I had messaged the seller and it may have to go under re-inspection because the crack goes over the card? Something like that.

Not a super priority at the moment! But always could if the price is right lol

Someone just posted a masaki Gengar PSA 9 for 425 on Facebook

Was this a specific group? Or marketplace

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That was me. It is the same Gengar that MH mentioned. The statement about a possible regrade came from PSAs customer service line. They said that since the crack was on the side but reached out over to the side of the card, it may be grounds for re-inspection. However, based on the photos I sent them, they could not confirm if that would be the case or not.

That’s real interesting. I reached out to you on eBay then as well.

Just kidding figured it out lol.