Looking for European Celebi promo

So, there was a non holofoil version of the Psychic Celebi in Triumphant (#3) that was released in European versions of the Zoroark: Master of Illusions DVD. I’m hoping to get it for my friend for her birthday, to complete her Triumphant set collection (she collects all different types of foils/nonfoils/stamps/etc.), and was wondering if anyone who had it would possibly trade it, since it is difficult to get in the United States.

Hi there and welcome to the forum!

I think the easiest way to get one would be to simply buy a sealed version of the DVD from eBay. That way you know for certain the card is mint and is legitimate.

Here is the first auction I have found and it’s a reasonable price with the DVD still sealed and includes the promo Celebi card.

eBay Auction Zoroark - Master of Illusions DVD

Hope this helps! :blush:

Unfortunately, I bought the DVD from here, and it was the one without the promo! It has since been returned, it’s just annoying. Time to try again! Thanks for the help though! I appreciate it

I, too, am interested in purchasing the DVD with the promo. If you find a retailer with them available or a source for said DVD, please inform me. In the mean time, I will do some searching of my own.

I have the promo, but that one is for my collection :stuck_out_tongue:
I can try to get another one if you’re intrested (I live in Belgium, here they are easy to get).

I would certainly love to get the promo. If you are able to get a second, I would certainly appreciate it.

I can place an an search-auction on a website, I think that I get reponds.
Shall I do it?

If you did, what would you be looking for in return? Simply retribution for the DVD?

Yes + shipping. But I prefer to search for only the card, shipping a whole DVD across the world is a bit hard, not?