English Celebi triumphant non holo movie promo

Does anyone know much about the English Celebi triumphant non holo movie promo? Scan, pricing, etc. I know I have seen the other movie promos being sold out of the Netherlands. There seems to be quite a few unique promo cards that are distributed here. Any info would be great as I’m looking to nab one as well as the regigigas which I missed the last time it was up. Thanks

Depends, really. They’re extremely hard to find. I’ve sold one for $80, but was able to get one sealed in the DVD on a lucky listing for much less.
The non-holo movie promos (Regigigas, Darkrai, and Celebi specifically) are not easy finds and are very underrated because they’re only appealing to completionists.

Best of luck hunting! As always, have your wallet ready. And don’t be afraid to shell out a fair price on one of these if you find the right condition. They aren’t every day cards. Took me several months to find one in the condition I wanted.

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Thanks for responding. I figured you would know something.

Do you know what countries the DVDs were released in or how to identify one that has a card in it just in case i’m lucky enough to find a auction?

Belgium and the Netherlands. Possibly UK release, but I know the former two for certain.
There will be a sticker depicting the card on the outside of the box if it contains the card.

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Thanks Mate

There does seem to be quite a few DVDs with the sticker on the from the UK. It’s about 5 auctions and each have a few. They all use the same stock photo :confused: so I have to see what the sellers say when/if they respond

Yes. Always, always, always ask if the copy they have has that sticker.

I might be able to help you with the Celebi Promo if you can’t find one.

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