Celebi HS Triumphant NON-HOLO

So, what’s the value of this card?
It was only availlable in a DVD in the Netherlands or so?

I searched on ebay and can’t find any that have been put up for sale.

I own 1 of these and I’m getting 1 more in the mail.


Alright, then it is still kinda weird that they are so hard to find (seperate)?

I don’t find it particularly weird that they are hard to find separate.
Movies are targeted at younger age groups. Younger age groups are significantly less likely to maintain a solid condition on the card, meaning that reselling it later is unlikely. Particularly in any sort of excellent-pristine condition. So I would expect most of the cards that pop up at this point in time to pop up as still sealed in the DVD. Also, if the DVD release was only so large, and the promo was less regular within that DVD distribution, I wouldn’t expect this to be a common enough item to come up for sale often. And the collector demand isn’t large enough to draw the DVDs out of their locations, let alone the individual cards.

Note, this is all just speculation and observation. But I personally don’t find it odd that they are difficult to find given what information I have on them.

@djgigabyte My post was more to explain why the cards don’t appear separately from the DVDs than to explain why their condition is frequently sub-par. Just in case I wasn’t clear enough about my intentions. :blush:

Thanks for all information guys!
So most other cards in DVD’s did come inside a plastic packaging or so? I’ve never opened an other DVD with a card in it…

Well, DVD card inserts across all brands tend to lack good packaging in my experience.