Looking for any super rare (preferably PSA)

In particular:

TMB Lucky StadiumAny #1 Trainer from 96-2001

If anyone has one of these for sale please PM me. :blush:

I know a few members here may have an extra TMB Lucky Stadium. :blush: …infact there is one on ebay!

As for the No.1 trainers, prices have increased sharpy in recent sales (around $3500-5000) depending on which you buy. As for the illustrator, only three have been graded and they are ticked away safely with members on this forum. The last auction for the illustrator ended over over 12k. When these cards come up be sure to act quickly and have the cash on hand!

Yes, they are not going to be inexpensive by any means. If anything Mike provided a modest estimate of what they can earn. A few years ago you could have found a deal but the current demand/awareness of trophy cards is through the roof.

Pming you right now.

;D Well i’ve completed most of my wants but I still want a No.1 Trophy and a Snap card ;D

Says every collector ever. :blush:


I have a Pichu E3 Promo (the one with English Front and Japanese back) from expedition. Only given out at the E3 2002 Convention

@myonlyhope: who are you asking?