Lookig for PSA 10 1999 TMB Tropical Wind promo

Please PM me :blush:

Postinator had one but he traded it couple days ago for cash and a Yugioh card.

Otherwise I think only ebirdman has a psa 10

Out of curiosity, which Yu-Gi-Oh card?

Not sure on Instagram he said cash and a yugioh gem

PSA 10 1st Ed blue eyes LOB + some cash. Would rather keep the cash part private unless your really want to know pm me lol

I believe it was a blue eyed white dragon.

There’s one more psa 10 out there besides the one I had and the one Ed has. I think it was labeled weird so it doesn’t slow on the pop report.


It’s probably mine :blush:. Ed’s was the one labelled under Champion Road - Tropical Mega Battle, mine is labelled under Tropical Wind - Tropical Mega Battle.

I wanted it labelled as the latter, but the former might actually be a more accurate label! Decisions, decisions.

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Ah I see, then eds is labeled wrong lol cause mine was labeled like yours :blush:

Or i should say, eds is labeled differently :stuck_out_tongue: ^

Thanks for your reply about the YGO card. It’s a beauty!

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