[WTB] 1999 TMB Tropical Wind

Hi all, I’m looking to purchase a 1999 TMB Tropical Wind for my collection. Currently the plan is payment via PayPal G&S and I’m quite happy to cover fees.

Prices are as follows but are somewhat negotiable:

  • PSA 5: 8k USD
  • PSA 4: 7k USD
  • PSA 2: 4k USD
  • Authentic: Subject to condition, please contact to discuss.
  • Raw: Subject to condition, please contact to discuss, however similar prices to graded examples in mind.

As an aside, it’s worth noting that I’m also looking for sealed packs of water and pyschic 2002 Energize Your Game cycle Energy Promos.

Thank you all for taking the time to view. Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any contacts that you can put me in touch with, I greatly appreciate all the help I can acquire!


Last 5 sold for 10k @festa, might want to up your offer

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@kingboo64 , I know the last 5 sold for 10k, I’m okay with getting a lower grade though, in fact it’s kind of my preference, I just thought I’d throw an offer out for a 5 and see if there were any bites. I’m more realistically looking at PSA 4, PSA 2, Authentic or Raw examples of the card, I’d be quite happy with any. I did say it was negotiable and that goes for every example of the card I mentioned! There was one on Mercari for 950k JPY that was taken down this morning (not sure if sold or taken down by seller for another reason), however Buyee has a purchase limit of 900k JPY so I couldn’t act on it :slightly_frowning_face:

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@kingboo64, cards don’t always go up. Since the offer is within 20-30% of the price of the last sold one, it seems like a valid offer in case someone wants to sell within the community outside the uncertainty of eBay and auction houses.

A better way to get an estimate of what people would pay these days is to get the average of the last 3±5 sold, which might not even be viable with such rare cards.

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Valid, just personally going off what people usually offer/sell for