WTB: TMB Tropical Wind + inquiry about TMB phone cards

Hello guys,

I’m looking for a TMB Tropical wind card, this can be any condition, not looking to grade it for reselling (might authenticate it though just so it’s encased).

If raw and in played/ex condition or for an authenticated/low PSA grade I’d be willing to pay around 200-350$ (depending on condition)
If in better condition I’d be willing to pay up to 500$. Price is of course always debatable.

I’m not specifically looking for NM+ cards, since I got the feeling these would be a bit over my budget for them, altough someone has one in NM+ condition, you can always shoot me a message.

Now I’m looking to save up a bit for the TMB phone cards, how much would I be looking it to pay for 1? 1500$ if in NM condition?

@swolepoke has multiple of the phone cards and should be able to give you a decent estimate.

Yes he already contacted me, thanks for the reply anyway!