TMB Tropical Wind 1999 in played condition


Does anyone know a fair price for the TMB Tropical Wind 1999 in played condition (see the very bad pictures below)?

It is just out of curiosity :blush:


If this is the one from the yahoo auction website, I would probably guess less than the price it is being offered at, probably 400-500$ because a mintier one was sold for roughly 600$ USD. Of course, PSA grade and mintier grades would yield much higher costs!

Edit: Sorry, was talking about USD but calculated in CAD…
I think at 31,000 Yen, it was definitely a decent price!

However, you can tell that better conditions yield much higher prices, one was sold 58k and another was sold at 86k (in Yen).

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In fact, I bought the card from YJA for 31000Y (= 270$), I was the only one bidder.

I was ready to pay that price for the card in this condition, because it is better to have this card in played condition than nothing, I love the artwork :blush:

But now I just want to know a fair price for this card, just out of curiosity (I will not resell the card, except if I find another one in better condition ^^).
I was surprised to be the only one bidder. Moreover, it is not the first time that the seller try to sell the card (but each time he lowered his price).

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Dammit you stole it!

I was wanting to bid on it too, but since he didn’t have enough good feedback I couldn’t bid on it through buyee :slightly_frowning_face:

Anyway, nice purchase congrats!! :blush:

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Haha @linkdu83 , I was going to buy it too, but I had my money tied to a trophy card so I backed down. Luckily we didn’t start a price war against each other!

Yeah for that price, I would say it’s a deal! I love the artwork too! I can say that at that price, I wouldn’t mind paying for that at all as a BIN price!

Edit: I would say it’s at least worth 350$ USD in that condition, and I can see the value go up in the future! Just coincidentally these few weeks there were a lot sold, which may pushed the price down.

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Wow, so I was lucky to be alone on this auction!
The price is interesting, but I think the card is very played, the corner seems to be very white.