Price check: TMB Tropical Wind versus Lucky Stadium

Hi All,

Today this played Tropical Wind was to my surprise sold on Ebay for around $1400 !

What in your view would represent the current market value of the TMB Lucky Stadium(including the original Official Photo Album Giveaway Prize ) compared to the TMB Tropical Wind as shown below.

There is no one price for the rarest cards in the hobby.

In short high graded examples are earning low 5 figures. The range is going to be wide as these are not consistently available anywhere.


My experience for trophy cards at those caliber is that if you have the funds, you are happy with the price you bought it for and it’s in the condition you like, go for it.

The past year I had to “overpay” for what was the assumed market prices of a card, and a few months later, it would seem I got a great deal on the cards. There’s no market value when there’s not enough quantity of the cards to actually establish a market.


This comment is marriage material :slightly_smiling_face:



Low availability + high demand = high variability in sold price

For an auction like this, it’s a matter of how many people simultaneously want the card and how deep their pockets go.