PSA 10 1999 TMB Tropical Wind

Hi again

How much would a PSA 10 graded 1999 Tropical Wind from TMB be worth? there is a PSA 9 on ebay for a ridiculously high price… but what do you think?

Thanks in advance

Hi, a tropical wind tends to go around the $500 mark ungraded. I would say that a PSA 9 might go slightly higher like perhaps $650? Can I get anyone elses thoughts there. As for a 10 I do not know but I have the only current PSA 10 and it isn’t for sale :blush: Hope that’s helpful!

That is about right. $400-500 ungraded. I would say an 8 would be $550, A nine $600 and a ten $700 or so.

May I add that footballJulian on eBay with that card is really reasonable with dropping his prices. If you are interested just send him a message.

Okay thanks for your comments… Very helpful!


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