Tropical Wind Megabattle

What is the maximum you’d pay for a PSA 9 Tropical Wind Megabattle?

$1000. Bought one graded PSA9 before for this exact amount.


nothing, personally the card doesn’t interest me;P

A few threads below this one is a longer one on the value of the same card, but people are saying it can go for $1,000 or more ungraded.

Or am I confused? Are “Tropical Wind Megabattle” and “Tropical Wind 1999” the same card? Because only the English names of the cards are usually used here at UPCCC, sometimes I don’t know if we’re talking about Japanese cards or the WOTC versions :sob:

I think Gary was referring to the Tropical Wind 1999 from the Tropical Mega Battle. It’s easy to take all the right words from the event/cardname/informal names and jumble them up and get something that sounds different :stuck_out_tongue: