Longest/Shortest PSA submission

One of my recent submissions has been out for a while and thought I would get the exact number.
You can use this to calculate business days(I checked marked the option to count the last day)

For me

Longest - 113 business days and counting
Shortest - 2 business days
Shortest bulk submission - 4 business days (56 cards)


Nice topic idea!

Longest: 71 Business Days
Shortest: 1 Hour
Shortest Bulk: 4 Business Days


Was the 1 hour in person?

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It was a mail order for the highest service level.

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That is super cool. Highest I have ever done is express - once!

I’ve had 3-4 day bulk results.
Honestly, I’ve never kept track of turnaround times so don’t know if any were super long.

Oh goodness…113 days…I’d be going crazy lol


My Stats

Longest (Re-Encapsulation Order) - 130 business days
Shortest - 15 business days
Shortest bulk submission - 27 business days

Shortest - 2 hours (1 card in person at Nationals for $125)
Longest - roughly 3.5 months a couple times. One was in 2014 (Early May to August) & this past year during the June bulk submissions. One came back late October.

Some of these seem longer because PSA would take 2-3 weeks to put an order in the system.

130 Business Days is wild. That’s BGS ghost land territory.


Shortest Regular: 5 days
Longest Regular: 34 days

Shortest Bulk: 36 days
Longest Bulk: 50 days

I’ve only done one Express with a single card, that took 7 days.

haha it got to the point where i had to call them every week for the last month of the submission!

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