Logan Paul & Cryptozoo [Warning: drama]

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Because this topic deals with two people who had a large influence on the pokemon market in 2020, I feel like it’s worth having a small space for people to talk about it if they choose too. It’s a long 3 part series from coffeezilla, a youtuber who basically roleplays as an investigator but actually produces quality investigative journalism style videos, typically about things related to crypto projects or companies.

The video series is bound to explode in attention so I just wanted to be the one to make a thread about it with the disclaimer before anyone else did




Scammers gunna scam


Just finished the latest installment in the Coffeezilla report. Can’t say that I am shocked at all. I feel badly for the children who were looking forward to the game.

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I agree that it’s nothing shocking BUT it is interesting to see it all laid out and all the leaked information he was able to retrieve

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I’ve actually seen a couple of these in my feed recently, only watched a few mins of one.


Agreed. Coffeezilla is an incredible investigator/reporter. His report on FTX was fantastic too.


My favorite part (in Part 1) is when the investigator called Logan’s manager for a comment on the scandal, and his manager had no comment, and told him that he has to report real facts. And the investigator said “that’s why I’m calling you” multiple times

I was dead lol


What’s the tldr?


Logan Paul said he made a blockchain game. He and his team surreptitiously listed and purchased the crypto prior to it being announced to the public. The game was never delivered, and he moved on quickly

Worth a watch, Coffeezilla is great. Watching his Safemoon video right now


Coffeezilla’s storytelling is impeccable.

Also, no one deserves to get scammed – but man, if you can’t smell/see this giant, steaming pile of fecal matter in front of you… :roll_eyes:


To add to this, during the period prior to their token was launched publicly, they basically agreed to buy up a certain amount and also set rules on how to sell it (ie. don’t tank the market more than xxx% per day)

CollectiblesGuru / cryptoking / Jake is portrayed as buying a lot more than he was supposed to in this pre-public period and in a way that he seems to be doing it incognitio and blaming it on trading bots.

Right before they launched the token publicly, they basically make a copy of the blockchain they were buying on to be the “official” public one one and some of the tokens that CollectiblesGuru was holding were (seemingly purposely?) made inaccessible so he couldn’t sell the tokens he bought with cash.

So basically CollectiblesGuru allegedly did a bad thing by secretly buying the token to an excessive degree before the public launch and then LP allegedly did a bad thing by purposely blocking CG from being able to sell those tokens he bought.

There is also the fact that the developers were apparently never paid for building this project, the whole “game” component never worked and the whole project was stuffed into a memoryhole until this video series

On a side note, to me it feels like all of crypto is just a big lesson of relearning why financial laws and regulators exist in the first place


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Interesting. So was Logan blocking CG from selling a way to try and prevent a problem?


Great series of vids that completely lifts the veil on just one of the many thousands of coordinated scams from the past couple years. It’s hard to view any of these recent creations purely for investment purposes–NFTs, crypto tokens, even physical creations like MetaZoo that have similar motivations of being a type of investment vehicle–as anything more than the same scam over and over with varying levels of competence.

There will always be snake oil salesmen and ardent buyers of the snake oil being sold. Some flavors of oil are starting to go rancid and the buyers are none too happy about that, so they’ll soon need some new, higher quality oil. The salesmen will be by shortly.


All crypto is a scam - which at least some of the investors admit to - but that doesn’t excuse Logan and his team of scammers for pulling the rug. How can anyone defend the ones organising the scam?

You’d think he’s rich enough not to engage in this kind of behaviour, but whether it’s greed or whether it’s innate, these are the results.


It’s definitely innate, all people from Ohio are naturally dodgy.


Im shocked I tell you, simply shocked! :roll_eyes:

Some folks hold this strange belief that once someone becomes rich enough, they will have no incentive to continue lying or cheating other people to obtain more wealth. It’s incredibly naïve. Their greed cannot be satisfied and everyone is a mark.


shocked Pikachu face

Money Money Money

95% of the time it’s all about making money for these “influencers”.