Legendary Pokémon Zekrom and Reshiram

Five Free Mega Stones In Pokemon Sun And Moon Available Now




Pokemon Sun And Moon Players Can Get A Free Rare Pokemon


Thanks Brother, missed this news :blush:
time to get a proper nature :grin:
edit: rare kitchend and trained that badboy to 100, have 2 sets now Physical and taunt switch x)

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Four More Pokemon Sun And Moon Mega Stones Available Nowwww.gamespot.com/articles/four-more-pokemon-sun-and-moon-mega-stones-availab/1100-6451881/

Gamestop Salazzlenintendoeverything.com/gamestop-to-host-new-pokemon-sunmoon-distribution-event-for-salazzle/

Four More Free Pokemon Sun And Moon Mega Stones Now Availablewww.gamespot.com/articles/four-more-free-pokemon-sun-and-moon-mega-stones-no/1100-6452435/

Special Pikachu Giveaway For Pokemon Sun And Moon Begins Today


Be careful here folks. You can only get ONE of these pikachu’s per game. So make sure you wait for your favorite hat. I’m sure most people will get the first one right now with the original hat being the favorite

“PLEASE NOTE: Although there are six different behatted Pikachu to choose from, you will only be able to get one of them via this special code. The Pikachu you get will vary depending on when you enter this code. To receive Pikachu wearing Ash’s original hat from the Kanto and Johto regions, you must enter the code between 0:00 UTC on September 19 and 23:59 UTC on September 25, 2017”


definitely going with the first hat, for the reason you mentioned :blush:
pretty happy we finally got the hatted pikachu ^^.

and awesome that you keep this event thread up to date @omahanime

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Another Free Mythical Pokemon Is Now Available For Pokemon Sun And Moon



I went to see if i could get a code yesterday but they didn’t have them yet here.
Since that site only shows Us and UK releases heres the rest:

United States - At Gamestop until October 23rd 2017
Canada - At EBGames until October 23rd 2017
Mexico - At GamePlanet until October 23rd 2017
Australia - At EBGames from the next few days until October 23rd 2017
United Kingdom - At GAME until November 16th 2017
France - At Micromania until November 16th 2017
Germany, Italy, Norway, Sweden - At Gamestop until November 16th 2017
Belgium, The Netherlands - At Intertoys (Code), GameMania, Cora, Smartoys & FNAC (Nintendo Zone) until November 16th 2017
Spain - At GAME (Nintendo Zone) and Amazon (pre-order Ultra Sun/Ultra Moon) until November 16th 2017
Portugal - At FNAC (Nintendo Zone) stores until November 16th 2017
Poland - At Swiat Gier stores until November 16th 2017
Chile - At Microplay until October 23rd 2017
Colombia - At Alkosto until October 23rd 2017
Perú - At Next Level until October 23rd 2017
Panamá - At EstiGames until October 23rd 2017
Costa Rica - At Vértigo until October 23rd 2017
Guatemala - At El Duende until October 23rd 2017

Pulled from Serebii.

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Here’s The Free Pokemon And Items You Can Get In Pokemon Sun And Moon Right Now



Add a Shiny Silvally to Your Ranks



Anyone with sun and moon base who hasnt redeemed one yet able to help me get a shiny silvally to ultra?

You need to transfer from sun and moon base to ultra. I am saying that because the code card says sun or moon and does not say ultra.

That’s why I’m asking for someone with sun and moon base to help me out. I only have ultra.

Celebrate 2018 with Legendary Pokémon!www.pokemonlegendary.com/en-us/

Terrible picks for the Legends.
No Suicine, Darkrai, Girantina, Deoxys, Rayquaza, Mewtwo

They could’ve done way better picks!

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Mewtwo always gets the spotlight, I’m glad to see Mewtwo get a break.

Why does Suicune always get the short end of the stick though? Suicune won’t be included in the upcoming GX Legendary Beasts box and didn’t get an EX in the XY era either.