Pokémon Sun & Moon - Battles/tournaments/trades

Thought I’d start a thread so we can keep this in one place.

Share friend codes here and I’ll make a master list for everyone. Reminder for new players, both people need to register each other to see the other online/battle/trade.

If people are up for it, we could have a forum tournament once everyone has settled into the game. Any takers?

The tournament sounds like a nice idea :blush: I’m only receiving my copy this week though, being European…

But you can still add my friend code to the list: 5300-9380-2060

Same, 2 days wait for me. Have it downloaded and ready to go!

Just added you. Add me back!

My friend code is:

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@reinasierpe Yeah, just thought it’d be convenient for a list of who is actually playing this! Just added you. I’ll add your code to the list here on my first post.

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Added! :blush:

I’ve started the game. What a long intro. Chose the Owl. Who did you guys go for?

I just finished my Alolan Pokedex speedrun! Cleaned out every route of wild catchables along the way and I now have everything minus the post-game Legendaries (which I’ll be soft-resetting for competitive natures). Without any spoilers, the storyline for Sun/Moon is by far the most compelling in a Pokemon game since the Kanto/Johto based games… and I may only be favoring those due to rose-tinted nostalgia goggles. For anyone who’s just starting, you’re in for a treat!



I’ve not played any pokemon game since Crystal came out all those years back, i may pick this up the weekend and give it a go.

Got Sun version, New 3DS XL and some goodies yesterday. Actually first brand new console for me since Game Boy Advance, “small” break. :grin: Picked Rowlet as starter Pokemon, been playing it 5 hours in total and I gotta say it’s really enjoyable game with fantastic scenery, even the lack of Pokemon Gyms doesn’t bother anymore.


How did you even do that? It just came out!

Finished the second island, and enjoying the third. It’s a pretty cool game so far. Big fan of the Mimikyu. Like a creepy dead pikachu.

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I actually beat the Elite 4 yesterday :grin: Spent 43 hours with the main story (I worked quite a lot with the Pokedex too catching all the new Pokemon I found). Now I’m exploring what the game has to offer after the main thing.

This game has really great story and characters overall, Lillie really became my favorite and I love how her character grows during the story :blush:

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Hopefully some expert can give answer for this…

So I’m trying to get super early Umbreon on second island by using that SOS + Adrenaline Orb method on wild Eevee. Done it many times but only Eevees so far, got Espeon already via normal raising + level 1 Eevee from egg. I’m just wondering is it possible to get maximum friendship by simply spamming Pokemon refresh feature + running around the world long enough?

Thank god original games didn’t have first world problems like this. :sob:

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Nevermind already figured it out, took less than hour to bump friendship high enough so it’s ready to evolve as Espeon/Umbreon before level 17. Gotta deposit Eevee now and make it Umbreon later this night. :blush:

Reached Elite four/Kukui last night after spending roughly 30 hours on main story, managed to beat them with following team ( only taught them some TM moves and no Z moves at all, old habits die slow ).

-Alolan Raichu

Final verdict: at least 9/10 playing experience and oh boy this game is beautiful in so many ways. Really liking Alola and its Pokedex, good combination of new and old things. Difficulty of battles is quite challenging at some points, even the levels for wild Pokemon goes up quite quickly when you explore new places. Now towards side quests of post game and catching more creatures. :blush:

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How good luck have you had encountering shiny Pokemons? A week ago I was going towards last Ultra Beast ( Guzzlord ) and met shiny Sensu style Oricorio in random encounter, too bad I had only one team member that could safely lower its hp but managed to catch it, so pretty. :blush: Also yesterday I was doing some EV training when regular Tentacool called shiny version on battlefield, a bit easier catch than Oricorio.

Tbh. I never did this good in G/S/C and R/S/E, only 2 shinies in total from tens of different save files.

I found the shiny Bagon in the very beginning of my playthrough. Last week I was going through the same bushes where you can find a Bagon as I wanted to SOS-chain myself a better one and I found a shiny Spearow. There’s something about that area for me :grin:

Speaking of older games, In Omega Ruby I didn’t find any wild shinies. On X I found a few and most of them were from Friend Safari where the possibility for finding a shiny is higher than normal. Haven’t found any shiny from Black 2, Black, Heart Gold or Platinum for some reason. On Emerald I found a shiny Tentacool, and also a shiny Gulpin on the very beginning of the game. I remember the Gulpin way too well because I had ran out of Pokeballs when I found it…

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I have a shiny Raichu (from SOS chaining pikachus) and shiny Muk, same method. Got a shiny Marowak through GTS (traded one of my spare ultra beasts)

My team is ready for competitive battling. Took me a while but it’s a beastly team. Any takers? Time difference make sit tricky though…

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I’m still so jelly of that shiny Bagon, spent many hours at the beginning of game searching for regular version but had to give up and catch another later from Kala’e Bay. :sob: :grin:

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The luck seems to be on my side even when I’m nowhere near completing Dex and getting Shiny Charm. I had just started training my Gible for Battle Tree and went to route 4 so I can knock down some Mudbrays, 15th SOS call landed shiny Mudbray on the field. :grin: Don’t know will I use it too much even though Mudsdale with Assault Vest seems like a really strong combination.