Legend Maker PSA-cards

HiIs there any market for Commond/Uncommond cards in this set? (and other set from EX)
There is not “any” cards in PSA 10 (or is the site pop wrong)
What is the value then for these cards, 10$ as that’s what it cost to grade it?

Are you talking about non-holo commons/uncommons? If so, they’re worthless, which is why there aren’t many graded. Legend Maker reverse holos in PSA 10 are definitely not worthless, though.

EDIT: there is a small market for some of the ‘rookie’ Gen 3 non-holos in PSA 10. But I doubt that market will exist a year from now once the pops skyrocket. I could singlehandedly collapse that market lol, and I’m a small fish.