Legend Box Price Check

There’s only 3 of these graded and the below is one of two PSA 10s.
I need advice, from those who sell and/or collect these, on how much I should clear in U.S. dollars.

I have it listed but for some reason I neglected to put the grade in the title which may have hurt the page views.

ebirdman has one ungraded for $50. Probably not worth the $200 you’ve listed it at. I’d put a max price of maybe $125 on it.

If ebirdmans was mint he would have graded it probably…he says near mint/mint, He also listed a 9 at about 140.00. Because of those things I couldn’t figure it at 125.00. I could be wrong though.

I wonder why there aren’t more of these around. Only Eddie and I have them listed?

Hmm. I can’t find any of the promo versions on Yahoo Japan. From bulbapedia:

In Japan, a holographic promotional version of this card was awarded as a prize to those who participated and won at least three battles in Reviving Legends Release Commemoration Tournaments held in January 2010. This print has the Pokémon Card Game LEGEND logo in the top right of the illustration and the Reviving Legends logo on the bottom left.

A normal tournament-prize promo IMO, but not overly rare or sought after. Maybe you could get 200 for a 10 if you found the absolute perfect buyer who needs it for a set or something, but I realistically can’t see any regular buyer paying over $125 for it.

Any other opinions?

Thanks guys…