Latias & Latios GX Full Art Sales Data

How do you feel about the increase in sale prices for Latias & Latios GX Full Art? Are the higher prices warranted? Personally, I love the artwork, and am happy to see an alternate art card from the Sun & Moon Era compete with the SW/SH Era.

I wanted to provide some recent PSA 10 sales data. As you can see below, the prices have creeped upward quadratically, meaning a substantial (non-linear) increase in recent months. In my opinion, this is a great example of organic interest and demand driving graded sales.

Card Artwork:

Nerdy Info:

The straight blue line is the quadratic regression line and the dashed blue lines are the 95% confidence intervals measured from the mean. When compared to a linear model, the quadratic model had a better fit as determined by the R2.

Raw Data
09/28/22 $969
09/28/22 $970
09/21/22 $1,286
09/20/22 $950
09/18/22 $1,035
09/07/22 $1,075
09/03/22 $900
08/31/22 $998
08/24/22 $899
08/24/22 $910
08/15/22 $920
08/13/22 $856
08/09/22 $700
08/02/22 $686
08/01/22 $820
07/23/22 $790
07/17/22 $790
07/14/22 $815
07/12/22 $750
07/09/22 $835
07/07/22 $899

Check out the historical data available on sites like TCGFish too.

Financial Disclosure: I do not own this card, and I do not have a financial position in Team Up.


Here are some additional cards experiencing the same exponential growth in Sep-2022. Special thanks to Dyl for the ideas.

Full Art Latias Latios GX
Full Art Umbreon Vmax
Full Art Espeon Vmax
Full Art Sightseer

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With all of these alt art cardlists coming out, I foresee increased demand over the coming months!

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This card has always weirded me out. Latias and Latios are supposed to be sister/brother, not romantic partners :confused:.

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Yeah, that’s a bit odd. But if you view it as sibling love, then it is very sweet.

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I remember someone pulling this at my prerelease event. I got a ton of packs and pulled an ampharos, cobalion and incineroar rainbow rare, like all the worst secret rares. It was very annoying lol.

I want one of these but the only ones available on Ebay will only accept $1200 plus.

I am OK to wait :slight_smile:


Just wanted to add this here… haven’t seen a Pristine BGS 10 sale of this card, so I am curious where it will end up.

to miss out on the black label for centering :frowning:

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Right? Who knows, maybe you’d get the black label if you crack it and resubmit.

Sold for $1050 on Dec-23-2021 and $999 on Jan-25-2022 for $999. At that time, the PSA 10s were around $700-750.

Now this card is around $1000 for a PSA 10, so I’m guessing the price for BGS 10 is around 1300-1700. I’m just guessing. :face_with_monocle:

Very curious about the final price of this new one.

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$2,750 with 40 minutes left :nauseated_face:

Ended at $3050. I am beyond surprised… :thinking:. but it is what it is… Can’t even imagine what a black label would cost…

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I would be surprised if it was actually paid. Looks like shill bidding to me.

Small Update:

October and mid-November saw some new highs and several “average” sales.

I wish ADP alt art would pop off :pensive: the artwork is sick but I guess the mons aren’t as popular. its my fave alt art of sun and moon tho. reminds me of the temple of time from Wind Waker.


Why would you wish for that?

Because I own one :stuck_out_tongue:

Huge update…

The past few months have been wild for this card. Here’s the sales data through early March 2023 via TCG Fish.

The most recent sales in late March 2023 have been:

  • $1,900 - 3/24/23
  • $1,925 - 3/19/23
  • $1,880 - 3/18/23

This card has roughly doubled in price in 4-5 months… :exploding_head:


The other alts from Team Up (Gengar & Mimikyu GX, Magikarp & Wailord GX) have also doubled up within a six-month period. It somewhat makes sense with their populations relative to the alternate art cards in Sword & Shield.