Latias & Latios GX Full Art Sales Data

Another Huge Update

And in two months, the card has roughly doubled in price again. Absolute madness.

Current Auctions:

At $3,050

At ~$2,500 out of Australia

Most Recent Sales:

  • $2,500 - May 16 (BIN with best offer)
  • $2,500 - May 16 (BIN with best offer)
  • $2,250 - May 15 (BIN with best offer)
  • $2,286 - May 14 (Auction)
  • $2,750 - May 12 (Auction)
  • $1,860 - May 7 (Auction)
  • $2,000 - May 7 (BIN with best offer)

Either this card speaks to people in a way it does not to me, or people aren’t thinking about what other cards you can buy for $2500


Pretty much this is how I feel about modern set cards and their recent price spikes. Sure, the art is nice but why would I pay that much when I could get so many great WotC, ex-era or JP promos for less?

Heck, you can get both Alto Mare’s Latios & Latias in PSA 10 for less than this card.

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Maybe because art is subjective and full arts tend to look better displayed.

You can’t force people to like cards just because they are older and maybe rarer.

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3000 bucks for an ultramodern card of siblings kissing

Id rather a nice PSA 10 Gold Star for that amount