Lack of communication

This thing really irritates me, happened already 3 times within a month on different websites:

people make wtb topic for cards, boxes etc. , I send them pm that I have the items you’re looking for, they request more pictures and selling price which I will provide asap. Then…


They just totally disappear. Some of them haven’t logged in for weeks, some visit forums frequently but won’t bother replying.

I can’t be too upset because I haven’t lost any money in any cases. But still, is it too hard to say " no thanks, I’ll keep looking " etc. if you’re not interested anymore about some item, total silence like this leaves sellers asking themself did I really do something wrong. :grin:

Yeah it’s a pain ey. It happens vice versa too, some sellers provide info and say there going through with a deal… then *poof*

People just get caught up in there own lives, and pokemon isn’t a priority for them. What they are doing by ignoring is; I guess, ‘morally wrong’. As It wastes both parties time. Giving false impressions.

There could be certain events happening which have forced people to go quieten off, with family etc. But they should have the decency to keep you updated.

But as a small seller of different genres of collectables, I’ve learnt that you just have to be immensely patient with some people sometimes… but on the same hand know when to cut them off.


This x1000000