If you're not ready to complete the deal...DON'T DEAL!

Once again I wasted an hour digging out cards, bargaining back and forth, coming to an agreement, only to be told, “Please put them aside till next month.” I said sure but you must leave a 20% non refundable deposit. The reply was, “Hey…Bills come first”.

An hour of sleep lost at 3:00 in the morning.

Have any of you experienced the same?

I hate that. I bought something for someone, at request. It ook half a year for that person to pay for the item.

Other times you go through your entire collection and then they can’t pay for it, after the deal is done…

Some people. No class

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How about this?


  • I want to add these cards to my collection. Please let me know if you have these for sale.

  • I have these cards. PM sent.

  • Can you send me prices please?

  • Sure. Here you go. (Sends a price list for the cards after making adjustments to make the cards cheaper for a fellow UPCCC member. We always make it more affordable for other members, right?)

Then nothing, zip, nada. Never heard back from the person interested in the cards. Not even “I don’t like your prices. I can buy them cheaper from Collector Cache or Troll and Troad.” Or “Hey I can get these cards for free from Not Zelda Gilroy so I’m not buying anymore.”

I would appreciate even a “Hey thanks for the price list but I found something cheaper.” instead of complete silence.



Happens on youtube all the time mate, I’ll hash it out with someone then turns out their 11 year’s old and need to save a 3rd weeks worth of allowance before they’ll purchase, Oh and they’ll only send cash (which isn’t too bad I suppose.)

Sorry you wasted you’re time Gary, I sincerely hope that user isn’t here on UPCCC.

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Happens… a lot… it’s called ‘cognitive dissonance’ in psychology… or in normal words ‘buyer’s remorse’

It’s part of many people’s human nature. I feel for you mate… sorry you had to get an asshole like that.

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It happens to me all the time on Youtube also. I don’t even bother selling to people on Youtube anymore. Ebay is really the only way I sell. Which sucks because of the fees… :confused:

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I don’t really sell or trade cards too often, but when I buy them I always make sure I have all of the money in hand before I bother a seller with a request. I’ve missed out on my fair share of deals doing this, but at least when I make an offer people know it’s legitimate and I’m good for it.


super frustrating, had a guy the other week send me 5 emails in 3 minutes changing his mind back and forth and mixing and matching, that was after half an hour of dealing on prices, i stopped replying after that…

That’s really really not cool thing to do, it happened to me few times, and unfortunately it happened to me two times here - on UPCCC. I don’t want to call names here but it’ll be nice if these Guys at least reply to messages even if they’re not longer interested. I bought cards for them and it wasn’t easy to find them… I wouldn’t even make profit on these cards, I just wanted to help them find cards they’re looking for.

Ehh >.<

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Youtube is the biggest waste of time for trades / sellings imo