Knowing what you paid for un-graded cards

I like to think most of us keep relatively organized and detailed spreadsheets of our collections with how much we paid for them at the time (maybe I’m weird?)

I was wondering how you guys keep track of what you paid for raw cards in the past.

Do you put a sticker on the penny sleeve with a cost-code, the actual cost?

With graded cards its relatively easy, for me at least I’ll write the certification number in my spreadsheet and give that row a cost.

But for raw cards it can be a bit more challenging for cards you have duplicates of.

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I write the price in permanent marker on the back of the raw card.

All jokes aside, to be honest, I don’t track prices for my cards. I have a relatively solid memory when it comes to numbers, especially when it comes to money, since I am typically pretty frugal. So I can tell you what I paid for my 1st Edition Base Thin/Thick, how much I paid for my Neo Revelations, my Staff Promos, and some higher end cards.

I know others have kept Excel tracking sheets which seems like a sure fire way of organizing your collection and keeping track of it in general. I use a similar method to see which members I’ve obtained cards from since that’s more important to me to track. I place more value in those cards than ones I purchase from random sellers.


No spreadsheet; I buy too many raw cards, lots, and collections to have the time to log every single one. And honestly, I remember what I paid for cards 15 years ago better than what I had for breakfast on any given day.


Yup others already hit the nail on the head. I remember the rough cost of every card I ever purchased but I do plan to write them all down at one point. But honestly I don’t want to know the exact amount I’ve spent on cards. It’s got out of hand from building a base set to sword and shield collection :sweat_smile:

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I keep a spreadsheet but I dont bother with serial numbers for duplicates etc. If i have more then one of a certain card I might keep a note of its condition but generally speaking duplicates of raw cards arent all that common for me so its pretty simple to distinguish.

The real question is, do you keep a record of equity value of your cards :stuck_out_tongue:

I have to in order to justify continuing to buy, otherwise i’m forever in the red!

I was worried about this myself,
but somehow, I seem to remember where I got every single card, when it was and how much I paid for them.
surprising because my memory is super shot from all the abuse over the years lol

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I can’t remember shit, but I don’t buy for reselling purposes so unless it’s part of a collection I don’t write it down because it doesn’t matter to me. If it’s part of a dedicated collection (like my Mews) I write down every raw cost just because I’m curious of the total investment

I roughly remember what I paid for if I see the card in my collection. My problem is remembering what is actually in my collection haha

I keep graded card inventory costs/sales on PSA’s site. For other cards I just have total collection numbers. I really only care about how red or green I am overall when spending money on my collection.

I don’t keep track in an Excel sheet. But most of my purchases ar through Cardmarket, so I can check it on my account there.
Also I don’t have too many cards, so I probably would remember how much I paid voor them.

I must admit I dont keep track but I really dont need to, if I ever come to sell then I acccept the current market rate.
If I grade it then I would expect the value to increase well above what I paid (PSA 9/10).

Like @azulryu, I also memorize it and can usually remember prices of cards that I bought over 3 years ago.

Also, I absolutely abhor all forms of bureaucracy, so that helps keeping me motivated to memorize instead. :grin:

I prefer not to know how much I spend on hobbies. Made that mistake when I was into RC trucks, it was eye opening in a bad way. As they say, ignorance is bliss.

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I cherish my spreadsheet like it’s one of my cards.

Usually i assign a monthly budget to spend on cards. There are some rare exceptions where i spend more than that but it is because there’s a good card i know i won’t be getting any cheaper so i spend more but the 90% of the time i don’t go past that budget.

Same, I can’t stand not being organized. Do you label each card with a cost code or am I an outlier

I don’t record my ungraded cards, that would just take too long. I have some full sets recorded but not what I paid for anything.

Meh, lack of spreadsheet is not synonymous with disorganization. Collecting is like parenting; what works best for some may not work best for others. It’s all good.

Definitely not telling anyone how to collect nor parent. For me, at least, I like seeing what I paid, when I bought, and who I bought from. To each their own!