What Does Your Collection Excel Spreadsheet Look Like?

Past few weeks I’ve started organizing my cards into a spreadsheet to keep track of them and their prices. I know there are some sites that do this kind of stuff, but I get bored at work and enjoy doing this stuff myself. I wish I had some programming knowledge with APIs and databases so I could get info automatically pulled from TCGPlayer and eBay, but oh well, doing it manually is fun too LOL

My first sheet is just a quick and easy rundown of the basic info of the collection pulled from the “Collections” sheet

I’m going to skip over the collections tab and move to the Price Data tab. Each card is giving a unique number to make the VLookUp easier. It also makes it to where I can create multiple conditions of each card and eahc condition have it own unique ID. I will manually insert prices once a week to be tracked. I get my prices from TCGPlayer, and I used the lowest priced card at their respective condition (I don’t use TCGPlayer’s market value price). I use TCGPlayer over eBay because it’s far easier to navigate and it’s got a much more centralized pricing format. If TCGPlayer doesn’t have the price of one of my cards, I then go to eBay (which I highlight red in the sheet) or TrollandToad (which I highlight yellow). Since I just started this past week, I don’t have much data in there.

Now we’re on to my collections tab. This is my inventory of all my cards! I have each card listed here, even if I have a duplicate. In column A (which I like to keep hidden), I max sure to give each card it’s correct Unique ID that matches in the Price Data tab, so it can pull the correct market values. I usually keep those market values hidden because I usually just like seeing the total numbers on the “Quick” tab (those numbers on the “Quick” tab are pulled from this sheet).

As I dive deeper into this, I want to try to make a tab that can display individual cards’ market value chart, so I can see a good plot curve of its prices.

What does your spreadsheet look like?


You can see what my spreadsheet looks like by closing your eyes ._.


My spreadsheet is split up into my different collection goals, one sheet for each. For my Japanese collection, I have a column to track what binder and the tab it’s near so I can find it easily. For all my collection sheets, I have a column to track what I have (y), what I’ve ordered (o), what I’ve bid on (b), and what is prohibitively expensive and I’ll likely never own lol ($$$).



I don’t have the prices stored of my collections (I should have done so from the beginning, but it’s also mainly to keep myself sane, since I don’t want to see the tens of thousands of USD I’ve spend on Pokémon, even though I have more than three other collections in addition as well, haha… :relieved: )

But here is a spreadsheet of my entire 10,000+ Pokémon card collection, ordered by the release date of the sets.
And I also have some separated spreadsheets for my main collections, like my Pikachu collection or my Full Art Supporter collection to give some examples (which are also included in that first spreadsheet of all my cards of course).



Much easier than spreadsheets

What do you do for non-PSA cards though?

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You got me, I use google sheets too D:
One sheet per binder, mostly so I dont buy the same cards twice. Here’s a himeno binder I’m putting together very slowly…



This is what my spreadsheet looks like :grin:


I’m not a big set builder, just kind of collect cards that I like from all the random lots I buy, but if I did, I would be making all the spreadsheets lol

My Pichu spreadsheet is designed to let me share it with others so they can quickly see what cards I still need: docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/128UdcSeI7QNm30k-vgoY2Jw0e2Qyfuj4dLhDb4Op-oY/edit?usp=sharing

When my girlfriend asked what I wanted for Christmas this year I linked her to this spreadsheet and it lead to her tracking down a PSA 10 I didn’t own, so I think it works well.

Any other type of collection I have just has a generic Date | Number | Name | Information layout which sometimes also includes binder page references, like my Shared Artwork collection spreadsheet here: docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1J6yUIBuYCg3gI8h1G0sMxZ7P8TK4U6aoG5819uDXhaU:

Like @pkmnflyingmaster I also use PSA’s online Set Registry service’s ‘My Inventory’ functionality to keep track of my graded cards, however I tend to only update this once every 6 months or so. It would be great for a graded set collector to use this, but where I tend to only collect one card from a set (Pichu) the actual Set Registry functionality is sadly rather meaningless to me:


I lost my Spreadsheet in my Windows re-install of last month. Apparently it was one of the few documents I didn’t have on my default locations or back-uped on Google Docs. Probably due to a heavy revamp I have been doing on it.

This thread gives me new motivation to rebuild it and maybe even make it better.

Here’s my work in progress, it’s to track me completing every standard and hopefully every master. I will delete the trophy cards eventually though and I have too many reverse holos listed, but it’s getting closer.

I still need to:

  • Create swap tab to summarise tabs
  • Sort out pricing info, need to add it - for ones that I need I’ve just added prices to expect to pay, so price paid is off
  • Remove extra reverse holos for GX/secret rates for sets that they don’t apply - have been doing this as I’ve been indexing

Overall tab to track progress:

Extra tab to list PSA cards:

Individual sheets that have separate tables for “Standard Set” and “Additional Cards” (promos, reverse holos etc.)

There’s the table for “Additional Cards”

I know the feeling. I used to have a word doc for my Pokémon and Yu-Gi-Oh collections in the past as well, which I kept updated (almost) every time I had new cards. But then my HDD broke down with the last backup of more than a year ago… I only recently (halve a year ago) reorganized my entire collection in their binders, and put everything in a new spreadsheet I linked earlier. With 10,000+ cards, it certainly took quite a while, haha.

That reminds me, I should make a backup again… :unamused: :sweat: Although I also keep all important files on my google drive as a backup instead of just my external backup drive. I already did this with my Pikachu spreadsheet (thank god…), but not with my general collection Word doc I used to have.


Luckily I have a print out in my binder, but it seems to be outdated and it’s really not a very clear list. But it’s something to start with. But I’ve been working on it a bit after dinner and LibreOffice just sometimes frustrates me so much that I almost pirated a version of Office xD

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I just created a spreadsheet in excel yesterday. Right now I have columns for card name, set name, card number, grading priority (low to high), and comments on condition. I did this so I had an idea of what was in my collection and decide what I should grade first. I think I am going to add another spreadsheet for collection goals so I am more organized. Thanks for posting this!

Figured I’d dig out one I’m using currently. I am not a strict spreadsheet person because I think they can easily turn into work instead of fun. But I had a couple goals of things I really wanted to finish before the end of the year and whipped this up.

First page is pack collection. Separate page for promotional packs. Then I needed somewhere to put the unpeeled CoroCoro set, so it went in the packs spreadsheet.

I like the quick glance visual red/green/orange because it gives me more of a sense of where I’m at than a number does. I can focus in on an era or something and just judge how much red is there. I use orange for an item that isn’t in the condition I want.purple means it isn’t in the state I want (I have some packs in blisters when I’d prefer regular packs).

Overall, I like the way this system works for me!


Have another generic spreadsheet to throw in the ring, it’s pretty standard but I love this thing.

DizzyLoch’s Stadium Check List

I use this to track progress on all the EN & JP stadiums, shows the relevant card info and a few other bits I like to keep track of :blush:
The cards and sets each link to the appropriate bulbapedia page but other than that there’s nothing that clever going on. Looking at some of these other sheets makes me want to try to figure out some of the smart stuff that you can do in excel.

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Dude, everyone here is way too advanced for me…

I’ve got a steno pad that I started keeping about a year and a half into my collecting. I just track what I bought and for how much and when. Its 2 and a half pages so far. Other then this I just do my best at remembering what I have.


Oh. My. Dear. GAWD. That spreadsheet of 10k+ cards is INSANE. Did you do all that work yourself?

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