How do you catalog your collection?

Hi all,

Just started thinking about how I would catalog my pokemon card collection to keep track of quantities, purchase prices, etc. Maybe with excel or Google Sheets.

Do any of you do something similar? What do you use and how do you have it set up? Would love any and all inspiration :blush:


I personally use Excel for all my collections, since it’s easy to use with, can be viewed online on Google Drive, and I can add formulas for totals.

I have a separated Excel for each of my main sub-collections:

And I also have an Excel of my entire collection of 11,000 unique cards, which are sorted by set release date.

And I haven’t kept track of when I purchased a certain card or what I paid for it. I honestly don’t want to see the exact amount of the 40k+ USD I already spend on my collections, haha.

For my other sub-collections I don’t use Excel that much:



Google Sheets all the way. Not only does it allow me to track my collection(s), it also allows me to easily share them with others so they can see what I still need.

I’m currently working on putting together a list of all the cards I own, however every time I try to add to that I end up listing a load of stuff for sale on eBay instead.
For generic set cards I use Pokellector:

For misc PSA slabs I use PSA’s Set Registry:


Also Google sheets user here. I keep track of what I have, how much I paid, and what I’m missing. I was using it for a while to plan out when I’d purchase things to help with budget but that quickly fell apart because really I was needing to buy when I found a deal, not by a time table.

You can see my spreadsheet here:


+1 google sheets. I prefer it over excel for the ease of access on any computer

I’ve enjoyed using Google Sheets to keep track of mine. It’s good and it’s free; also I like that it’s linked to your google account so it’s easy to access.

Feel free to check it out - Stadium Check List


I tend to use excel. I may transfer some of the established data over, but things that are still in flux, I prefer excel. It is where I know the most about formatting and what not. So I suppose this all comes down to a matter of where you want to learn the skills, or where you are already most comfortable.

I use this almost exclusively for tracking prices. Naturally, marking down what is in my collection is of immeasurable value, and comes as a bi-product of the price tracking. Since I’m a consistent buyer and seller, I like to keep track of my current in progress purchases and where my potential collection items end up. I know excel has many useful tools for this type of activity. My assumption has always been that Google sheets isn’t as in depth as excel, but that may have changed in recent years. Despite that, definite Sheets upside, as another user mentioned earlier, is that it’s free. I’m just lucky that I still get to mooch of my mom and she doesn’t seem to mind haha!

Thanks for all the responses! Really interesting to see all the different ways to solve it depending on individual needs. All of your sheets look really professional. Would be great to have even more people share and compare their sheets. I’ll definitely post mine up when I’m finished with it.

Do you mean you’re somehow tracking current market prices? That would be a cool thing to add if I knew a good way to automatically get that information into a spreadsheet.

Google photos and a flash drive for the photos, Google sheets for the inventory list.

The Pokedex - (Excel)

I use google docs but it sucks. Excel would be better

Excel :blush:

I use excel like many others have mentioned.

I initially put my spreadsheet together so i could work out an insurance value (and keep track of all the certs if they were to be stolen). Since then, i have built a few macros into the sheet so it automatically calculates monthly unrealised gains/losses across my cards and/or sets, discounts gains/losses for the time-value of money and records any realised gains etc.

There is a reason a lot of companies still use excel - it is a pretty useful tool that can pivot/cut data however you want.

If you want me to send you a template for Inspo, let me know. :blush:


I also use Excel. Time consuming to set up but now I can easily track my progress on sets or other goals. I have a summary sheet to aggregate everything and then a sheet for each set with the card names in rows, conditions/grades in the columns, and quantity in the cells.

Huh, I always thought you were more of a stone tablet guy :wink:

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Excel all the way

excel and the PSA set registry

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There are ways to reference a webpage and pull the data directly into your spreadsheet. It would be a continually updating log. However, for that to function, it would have to have an unchanging page and seeing as Ebay dumps it’s available sold data every so often (I think every year?) it would have to be conitnually updated manually anyways. So suffice to say, it’s all manual input. I just look at recent sold data and average based on my knowledge of the market. I have some cards that I will purposefully keep low if I don’t have enough data points to work off of, but I’ll still make a note saying what I found. PSA 10 1st Edition Neo Genesis Metal Energy is my most prominent example of this. Sold recently for 2500, but only one sale isn’t enough for me to warrant including it in my price out as such. I have it still just slightly higher than the previous most common sale price.

The best way to track the prices is likely to just use the Pokemon Price site from here on the forum. It doesn’t track raw cards, but it gives a strong benchmark for popularity and of course price.

Here’s the thing: I don’t.

I’ve tried various times and while I agree it would be good to have some kind of documentation like excel sheet to check what you have and what you don’t have. I’ve started excel sheets various times and never updated them.

Idk, to me catalog / documentation feels like work. This is my hobby. I don’t want to make it feel like work.

So if I need to remind myself if I have something or not, I just flip through binders and / or my PSA piles…

I even registered all my PSA cards to PSA set registry app but never updated it again after that one time.

I’m the worst when it comes to this