Keiko Fukuyama Postcards (in progress...)

Keiko Fukuyama Postcards

I started collecting these postcards by Keiko Fukuyama awhile back and want to share with others in the community. I fond these to be a great collectible item because they offer great artwork with the added bonus of being a challenge to find, but not high in price.

My only source of information for these is the following website:

I’d love to hear input from others who may be able to dig up more information. Here’s some of the info I want to add:

  • names for each postcard
  • scans of the back of each post card (each set has a different back)
  • release dates

I hope you enjoy the art and hopefully this inspires others to start collecting these great pieces.

**1998 Set A:

1998 Set B:

1999 Set A:

1999 Set B:

2000 Set A:

2000 Set B:

Southern Islands:



Stahp!! These are so good they hurt.


That 1998A Beach party one especially! That postcard would make such a good Southern Island like Set! If only Pokémon did smart things…



Oh my gosh I love these! Another thing to add to the growing “to buy” list.


now we are cooking with gas.

the sleeping pika squirtle bulbs togepi is my fave.

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Absolutely lovely!
Thank you for sharing.

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Back in October last year I picked up 6 of the 10 from the 2000 set featuring Pichu, but unfortunately all of them were damaged when delivered:



I’ve been on the lookout for a complete 2000 set for a while now. It’s great to see your collection; these postcards are very attractive.

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Very beautiful, i imagine somme pop up very rarely.

Its great to have an archive to go back too now. Saved !


I must admit that I have never thought of collecting the postards… But this makes me comptemplate the possibility. Thanks for sharing such nice artwork! =)

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These are too too good. :sob:


They are simply awesome! :grin:

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I have a few from 1999 a and b. Not sure what they’re worth

@justinmew, enjoy the art. Let’s keep price discussion out of the thread. The point is to have these documented since I know a few people have recently gained interested in collecting these.


I always enjoy artwork, a postcard would actually be nice cuz its a larger “canvas” if you will. That looks great!

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I caved and bought some of these, couldn’t be happier with the impulse buy. Love love love them.

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I haven’t seen many of these before but they are all amazing! Might have to pick a couple up if I can at some point.

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bro these are dope, congrats

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@mjisaacs Keiko Fukuyama was an artist for the southern islands set. I’ve added the postcards to this post. The art of the southern islands cards are portions from the postcard full art.


These are so awesome, thank you for sharing :grin:


So I think you should enjoy this :blush:

All can I say is that the 9 Lawson’s are extremely rare to find, all the others are pretty common.