Just opened some E-Series 1 packs

Needless to say I am very happy with my pulls. I bought off an eBay seller and expected the packs to be weighed. I opened one anticipating that I would pull a non-holo and just keep the remaining 8 packs sealed. I pulled a holo Raichu. I opened all the remaining packs but two and these were my treasures. Very happy with the pulls! Some sellers on eBay are actually trustworthy about not weighing and I commend the gentleman for it.


Gorgeous pulls! Congrats ^^

Thanks buddy! I spoke highly of the seller and jinx myself. I have a crystal guardian pack in the lot that I have since found out has been searched :slightly_frowning_face:

Searched as in weighed, or resealed?

Fairly sure resealed, a poor job at it. The pack was open when I got it lol.

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who was the seller, if you don’t mind me asking


I bought from him in the past and had no issues. He replied to me asking about the searched pack saying he was 100% sure it was sealed and basically saying I opened it then wanted my money back or something. Yes, when I buy a lot for nearly $400 I am going to lie about a $25 pack… The guy annoyed me but there really is nothing I can do besides voice my thoughts with my feedback.

i got 4 boxes of these 1st edition if anyone interested in knowing where I get them. Theres a store in San Fran that has a huge stock of these

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I’m not 100% sure but isn’t there a holo in every pack for this set?


Not every pack has holo, I think the ratio is roughly 20 holos and 20 non holo rares per box.


I’m interested to know the store, I’m in the Bay Area but only come across new product in stores…

No, the holo pull rate is 50/50 from what I have read. I went 6 for 7 on holos so pretty happy with that.

are you jd_2mintcollectibles?


ok. He’s located in SF I believe. He mentioned something about having a connection there for cards. That must be his store.

I got two boxes from the collectibles stores B1 at Japan Town. Had to negotiate the price but got them for $350 each

I’m an individual living there. I don’t own any stores

I know you don’t own a store. I’m just saying that store is probably where that eBay seller is getting stuff from. Just like how I used to know if several stores that had ex and wotc boxes by the dozen. They’ve since dwindled down or are over priced on eBay.

Not all sellers will be dishnoest and some genuinely dont know things ahve been resealed etc as they dont actually know pokemon.Only that it can be good money.Not defending the guy but sometimes its a genuine mistake and saying somene has resealed etc without actully knowing can seriously damage their profile and business.Sh** happens and sometimes people buy packs from other people who ahve bought them from someone who has tampered…so please be careful when accusing people of weighing searching etc.
Dont know the guy, or the circumstances, just a general responce for posts that can potentially damage someones livelyhood.
Just thought id weigh in on the matter :blush:

Pun intended

This guy owned a store so I believe he is more than competent. I didn’t make these comments without speaking to him first, he basically called me a liar. I will eat the loss and just let my feelings be known here and on his feedback.

I can 100% say that if the shoe was on the other foot and it was me in his situation I would give the refund immediately. Good sellers own up to mistakes.