Jawlock collection!

Hoping to share my collection here along with some purchases / recent pulls. I’m getting back into the TCG and topping up my childhood collection with a lot of new cards. Here are some of my recent purchases and pulls!

Yesterday I went to the store and got myself a single booster pack with the Infernape, Monferno and Chimchar trio included. I also got the Darkrai elite trainer box and the Infernape V promo box. Here are my main pulls from those purchases :]

I also decided to order a ton of singles from BigOrbitCards the other day, arriving in the mail once I got home with my store purchases. There were a few others (mainly common Mawile cards and other common Pokemon cards I liked the look of) but I didn’t feel like picturing all of them. Here are my main purchases from that haul :slight_smile:

I’m super excited to add to these to my collection. I’m a big of Nishida’s work in the TCG so adding the Seedot makes me super happy! I was also super pleased to add the Southern Islands Togepi into my collection as I’ve never owned any cards from that set.


Some of the other cards from my singles haul:

And some bonus Yugioh cards I got from the same site, I always loved these cards as a kid so I wanted to add these to my little Yugioh collection.

All of these were sleeved once I took the photos :]


Great collection! I love the diversity of cards, representing different sets and artwork styles. Can’t wait to see this collection grow! :partying_face:

Nice mix of cards indeed. Some of the singles purchased are really great cards. Do you have any collection goal in mind for yourself?

Thanks for sharing.


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My short term goals are just to collect a bunch of Pokemon cards and have fun with it haha.

Longer term I’d like to have every printed Mawile card in English :]


Thank you! <3 I love the diversity of the cards too. Always cool seeing the difference between sets.

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If Mawile is your favorite Pokémon, I’d highly suggest looking into adding Japanese into your search. Having both English and Japanese is very different.

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I’d love to collect the Japanese cards too. Would be awesome to have both!