Japanese XY unlimited print XY6??

So came back from Tokyo japan just last week my god the Pokemon Centers will destroy your money like no tomorrow. Was able to get my hands on the new Pokemon Poncho Mega Charizard X/Y Pikachu set. They did limit them to 10 boxes per person since it was the very first day they came out and it was wild as hell. I bought about 5 boxes each just for a few friends back in NYC who wanted them and opened both my boxes in my hotel.Got some great pulls and just thought every pack would have been 1st edition but it was not. Taking a close look at the shaymin ex I pulled it was unlimited while the other packs were still 1st edition. I went back to the center again to check out their other packs to see if they had their unlimited print run, but still were 1st edition.Looked online and seems like all the special boxes contain XY6 unlimited print run but the rest are still 1st edition. Has there been any other sighting of unlimited runs with the XY series in japan being unlimited?

Pictures of the unlimited card?

XY1 (both sets), XY5 (both sets), and XY6 all have unlimited print runs. To the best of my knowledge they are the only ones.


unlimited XY7