Japanese vs English Booster Box Equivalents

Aloha E4!
It has been a very long time since I posted but I feel stupid, so I am going to ask this… Is there a list or some website that has English to Booster Box equivalents. I was trying to match boxes via Pokellector but it didn’t help much. (i.e; Battle Styles - English & Rapid Strike Master - Japanese). I figured most of them release close to each other. Thanks for your insight :blush:!

Bulbapedia has this information! If you look up the English set it will tell you the Japanese equivalent if there is one. It’s a bit more confusing these days as English sets will take a hodgepodge of cards from the past Japanese sets instead of there being a clear comparison. But it gets you pretty close.


Gosh I feel stupid, I always look at Bulba, I stepped out of Pokemon for a bit and was collecting Avengers stuff lol. Thank you!